New Stripes!! Black GT

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  1. Hi Everyone,....I am new to this Mustang forum. :D I hope I don't break any rules by doing this :flag:.....I posted all of the information you are looking for about who did the stripes on this Mustang and another one which is a satin silver GT with white stripes on another forum's site. Here are the links to the other sites:

    Page 5 has the company's information

    I can try to answer any more of your questions.... orthoguy Black GT was the second one stripped by this company. orthoguy is unavilable to answer any questions for now. He is on the road...... :spot:

    Just for the record: I am not the person or business that did this work, I'm just another car enthusiast. :nice:

    Here is one of the pictures I took of the 05 Silver GT Mustang at the Ford Dealership


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  2. You wanna know what i think.......... Absolutely AWESOME!

    Looks ******* GREAT!

    Best of luck, and be careful
  3. okay, I am new to the forum and new to Mustangs. I have a black 05 GT on order and I want stripes. However, I don't know anything about vinyl so could someone please fill me in. Can you see a small "lip" on the sides, how long do they stay on there, if I don't like can I have them removed?etc,etc.
    thank you for taking the time to clue in someone who is trying to learn about how to make his mustang cooler.
  4. The stuff is actually really good. You can get tons of colors from:

    I use the same thing, except in chrome (as well as some pros, IIRC) on my goalie helmet, as real chrome doesn't stand up very well to slapshots. Works great. I have also seen them on cars, and they seem to do the job nicely.

    I have a light silver Mustang (99' GT Vert) and was eventually planning on doing the metallic mineral grey (dark metallic grey).
  5. Absolutely awesome! Nice job!!
  6. Now you just have to upgrate wheels. The ones you have don't match the car.
    How about lowering the car a little and some 18", that's gonna look awesomeeeee
  7. Super nice Orthoguy. Truly sweet.
  8. ditto
  9. Thanks for all the replies, sorry I couldn't get back with you all sooner, I was on a road trip while the sun was still shining here!! Also, thanks to Sliver GT for helping out with some of your questions while I was away.

    Here are some answers for you all:

    Company Info:

    Bryan Quinn
    The Graphix Factory
    email address: [email protected]
    phone: (517)749-6493 or (616)262-3425

    He is located out of Ionia Michigan, but he travels to your destination and installs the Grapics on-site. :nice:

    I seen the first car he did for a Ford dealership in Grand Haven Michigan on "The Mustang Source" web site. I was the first personally owned "05 he did, and I must say I HIGHLY recommend him!!! He takes a lot of car and pride in the job he does!! He has been doing this about 9-10 years now. Since we live close to each other, he stopped by the same day I called him with a color chart for me to pick my color and what we ended up with, is we matched the color of the Bullitt wheels, and the color came out to be "Charcoal Metallic"

    Other answers:

    Size? They are 10 1/2 inches wide with a 1 inch gap.....the gap ended up matching the front piece of plastic in the lower spoiler!

    They are Vinyl.

    Cost? $450.00 installed.

    Side stripes? Bryan designed them himself! "300 GT" stands for 300 HP.

    Wax? Yes you can wax them, in fact Bryan suggests you do so to protect them from UV exposure.....I already waxed mine, it worked Great!

    Can you have them removed? Yes, it is quite easily done!

    Do them come as a kit?? Byran is now offering to sell these stripes as a kit to people who live out of range for his services. He does strongly suggest that you have them professionaly installed though.

    Thanks to all of you for the posts. I myself think it looks awesome also! I have had many nice comments from friends and neighbors who seen the car before the truly is like a whole different car! I was unsure to stripe or not and especially about what color to pick, but I think this color combo was the perfect choice. Bryan has set my mind at ease about graphics!! He did a super job and is very professional.

    Any further questions, please ask!!

  10. Here is a shot at dusk....they seem a little more subtle at night, but still good...


  11. WOW... seeing it like that makes me love it more.. magazines didnt' make it look THAT APEALING.. i was kinda iffy on the way it looked.. but after seeing ur stripes wow....

    p,s... my own opinion... dont like the rims........
    BUT EVERYTHING else is spotless and gorgeous.. U got GOOD taste

  12. can this be done on the 04 stangs as well with that pattern? i have a satin silver 04 stang and love the stripes he is doing on this but just not sure if it would go with the body of the 04's anyone good with photoshop that could do the stripes on an 04 to see what it looks like?
  13. Wow. Thanks for all the info, Mike.
    I've been "talking" to Bryan through emails about his trip down South in Feb. hoping he would come close enough to me to do mine.
    I think I'll find out how much his kit is though and also see if he'll do the tapered Shelby stripes.

  14. F-ing WOW!!!!! I love it. Very much like the Motor Trend cover car....



  15. I've got to say, I wasn't a big fan of the '05 design until I saw the pics of your car, the stripes look incredible and I guess I'm just a sucker for black cars. Now I really want one... thanks a lot :D
  16. Awesome! Would look better in orange
  17. is that gas cap in the rear?!?!? if it is that would be awsome for the classic lovers
  18. No. It's fake. For looks only.