New Stripes!! Black GT

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  1. The interior is an "Off Orange" does that count???? Ok, it's red. :doh:
  2. plz help answer

    What color is it
    just silver???? or is it a pepper grey

    and do you recoomend painting the srtipes or getting done what you did
  3. looks great 10/10 :nice: :nice: :nice:
  4. The color is Charcoal Metallic.

    I chose to go with the Vinyl stripes for now to see if I like it. I have the option to take them off at any time, change the color etc. If you were 100% sure you wanted them and were certain of the color, painting is probably the way to go....although, painting will cost a lot more money, every part of the body they put the stripes on, they would have to clear coat that entire body part (Hood, trunk, bumpers and so on)

    I will see how these hold up.... the vinyl I chose supposedly has a 7 year guarantee not to fade, if left exposed to the elements 24/7 but since mine will be garaged most of the time, I am sure I will get a longer life span from them.

  5. I like the GT 300 at the bottom :nice: Nothing like 300hp :D I also like the stripes, nice work.
  6. I cant describe how awsome that looks!

    You lucky bum, you did it first cause I'm planning on doing the same thing. I'm not a fan of black , but that black with the red interior and silver stripes is just is so dam sexy! WHen I first saw the 05 I knew I wanted to get the twin shelby racing stripes also. I was thinking about a side stripe, but not sure if I would have the stripe with out any letters or maybe GT300. Now that I see yours I love the side stripe also. And I have to commend you on your wheel choice!!! I also love the 17" painted aluminum instead of the bright machined rims. I think they are too busy. The 5 spokes look so beautful, mush like the crager ss mags of the 60's. And best of all, if you decide to buys other later, you havnt wasted any extra money on the upgraded bright machined ones.

    When I saw the first pic, the close up of just the front end, I was overwhelmed. That shot right there, with the stripes and the fog lights, looks so much like a shelby, dam thats beautiful! See I have always loved the 68 GT ever since my brther had one, and of course dreamed about the 68 Shelby, but the Shelby's are just for the super rich these days. But here we have a car that looks so much like a 68 Mustang, and with a few touches, very similar to a Shelby, but at a price we can aford, with performance neither of the others ever had, its just so sweet I cant wait to get mine!!

    Mine will be torch red with twin white stripes, and I guess Ill do the side stripes also. But I think I'll wait till I see what body parts I want to add. I dont want to try to imitate a Shelby exactly but I love the rear spoiler and the side scoop, I have to have that much.Once again you made excellent color choices, couldnt look beter!!!
  7. Looks great! I ordered mineral grey thinking about blk stripes.
  8. Man that looks good. I was thinking about doing the same to my car, but wanted to see what it'ld look like first. I'll have to find a place near me to put them on though. I dont have the time with all my projects going on right now.
  9. Looking at your car makes the 05 grow on me even a little more.

    I'm starting to like :D
  10. OMG i think ... oh yes I just creamed my pants. That looks sooooo goood!
  11. Very sharp, man... I love it. Where do you live in Michigan? If you don't mind, how much did that job cost? The top stripes I mean.

  12. Sorry, missed the post where you included the price. Nevermind.

  13. I think Im the only one who doesnt like the stripes,,, sure they look cool,, but a black 2005 GT (just like the one i have) looks better ALL black, with tinted windows,,,, thats just the way I feel, cause when its all black, it gives it such an evil and mean look!,,,, but as i said nothing wrong with it, as long as you're likin it , which you do !:)
  14. You're not the only one. I agree with you completely that a Black GT with tinted windows and a nice set of wheels looks better than one with racing stripes. Don't get me wrong, the stripes look good, but not better than an all Black GT done the right way. :nice:
  15. WORD!!!
  16. Totally into the stripes! They look awesome on that car... :worship: x infinity.

    Personally thinking about a blue GT with white stripes... there's a company in FL that sells a "Tribute Shelby" kit that Shelby actually certifies... if I pick up an 05 that's the way I'm doing it. :nice:
  17. Yes, but it doesn't look that good, IMO. Really, anything can be done.
    The problem is the hood scoop and the indentation in front of it.
    They have a sharp taper that goes against the stripes.
    I wanted to put gold stripes on my black '03 GT, but nothing looked good.
    I finally decided on the 40th Anniversary stripes when they came out, but no one makes them.
    Bob White said he was going to start making them, but never did even after I gave him detailed measurements and pictures.
    I have a few pics of GT's with wide straight stripes if you'd like me to email them to you.

  18. Just wanted to thank all of you for all the nice comments on my car, I really appreciate it!

  19. I think shot 2 looks really nice (the overhead shot of the hood).

    The head on shot is nicer then stock (the stripes :nice: ) but I'm still not a fan on the front

    Stripes = definately good
  20. That looks damn nice. Wish it was sitting in my driveway. ;)