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  1. Been a long time coming but finally decided to upgrade my suspension so it is not only great at the track but can be adjusted for a smooth ride on the street. Been running Bilstein HD Struts & Shocks with Suspension Techniques Lowering/Sport Springs since 2006. They worked great at the track but were to stiff for the street especially on my new commute down a long bumpy stretch of I-5. They were beating me to death. Also they had a 1.5" drop in the front which is about .5" more than what I wanted and made my car drag in a lot of places where I drive unless being very careful. Not to mention the front tires looked out of place in the fender wells.

    So just finished up installing a set of adjustable Tokico D-Spec Shocks & Struts along with a set of Vogtland GT500 953094 springs. When used on a GT or V6 these springs give a 1.2" drop in the rear and a .8" drop in the front for a level ride which is just a bit stiffer than the Vogtland springs designed specifically for a GT or V6. The ride is much better now and the front end is no longer to low. The tires look symmetrical in the fender wells now. I can crank the Tokico D-Specs down to be just as stiff as my Bilsteins were for track use.

    My other suspension components consist of:
    BMR K-Memeber
    BMR A-Arms
    BMR A-Arm Support Brace
    J&M Rear Upper Control Arm with Poly-Ball Bushings
    J&M Rear Street Aluminum Billet Lower Control Arms with Poly-Ball Bushings
    Carriage House Engineering Anti-Squat Brackets
    Ford Racing V6 Strut Tower Brace
    Progress Technology Camber Adjusting Kit
    Ford Mustang GT front and rear swaybars

    Got some miles on the new setup today. Like it a lot! Knew I would because we installed the exact same parts on my sons GT a few years ago and I have always liked the way they ride and handle on his Mustang as compared to my old setup. The ride is not nearly as harsh with settings at 5 turns out going down bumpy I-5. It is still stiffer than stock at those settings but not by much. They can be set to 7.5 turns out for maximum soft but I think 5 turns out is a pretty good compromise at this point for daily driving. I will play with them some more. The extra 1/2" ground clearance in the front is also very welcome!
  2. ^ What he said:cool:
  3. I too don't want a too low drop in the front. I am going to install SR Performance springs on just the rear
    of my pony. Has anyone else done just the rears??

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