Exhaust New Svo! Police Grace Period To Get Exhaust? Just Purchased.

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  1. This is my first post!

    I just got my First Ford Mustang!

    Yesterday I bought a 1984 Ford Mustang SVO Turbo... It was sadly repainted and it Not the original color.

    My question to you guys is this;

    It currently has NO Exhaust System at all. I do not have the money to get one right now, but want to drive that car.

    Will the Police give me a grace period or show any grace to me as I just purchased it without an Exhaust? Or do I really have to park my new Mustang until I come up with the money for a nice system...

    Anything helps!

    Thanks Guys,


    PS- Here are a few pictures of my new car!

  2. No they won't.

    Nice find.

  3. Alright.

    I bought her for $1,200. The owner passed away and his wife sold it to me.
  4. Save you nickels and dimes and re-turbo that thing. ;)
  5. It still has a pretty strong turbo. I am more then happy with its performance.
  6. Looks like you already got pulled over in the first picture! I doubt if any cops would give you any grace for your exhaust, go ahead and save your money and put some kind of exhaust on it before you start tearing up the streets. Nice find! Looks like it already has a 5-lug conversion too! Damn good deal!
  7. Very nice find. +1 for no grace period.

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  8. Sweet ride!
    They were 5-lug from the factory. Four wheel disc brakes too!
  9. Thanks for the correction Tealtiger! I never knew that!
  10. No engine shots??? C'mon man!

    When you say "no" exhaust do you mean downpipe only?