New Taylor Wires. (yeah I Know, Lame Thread.)

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  1. Not much going on in my mustang world, however I did put some Taylor wires on this weekend. I dig em.

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  2. How do you like them ? Believe it or not i want to swap my FRPP for Taylors i think.
  3. The ford racing wires are junk. Ran them forever thinking they were good. Swapped them out for some quality ones, sounded better and leaned out the a/f at idle .5. Worth the money.
  4. Taylors here too
  5. Which Taylors and how much.
  6. yeah I am trying to figure do I go 8 or 9mm
  7. They're nice man. It was kinda hard to get the boot on the plug b/c they don't give you much boot to grab on to but other than that they're well put together.
    I bought em because I wanted a set of red wires and they weren't much more than a set of ford racing which is what I was initially looking at before I "did a search." I'm not all that big of a believer in, "I did this mod and I think it gave me some throttle response" but fellas, I think I gained me some throttle response. My old wires weren't that old but they were just parts house motorcraft wires. I wasn't looking for any gain but it seems like it gets into boost faster.
  8. I may grab them the to swap out frpp
  9. I see they are only 8mm though.:thinking:
  10. I mean how thick do ya really need :shrug:
  11. I used the 8.2mm ones. When I relaced the coil wire due to getting melted, I got a 10mm. The 10mm wires are tight around the distributor cap, I would stick to the 8.2
  12. I'm looking at the specs on these wires and the ohms is 350/ft vs the FMS wires that are about 450/ft. Not that big a difference. Wondering why didn't you get the Taylor 84258's? They are 50 ohm's per foot and have the factory style boots for about $10 more.

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  13. Summit have them
  14. yeah, summit, jegs, ebay. etc..... LMRS only has the spiro pro. I've used the 409's on my other cars but this car doesn't need 10MM wires and those are $140
  15. Are they pre cut ? and I was wondering about the 10mm formy setup but Maybe it's over kill
  16. The difference between the 8mm and 10mm wires is just a little added silicone on the wires exterior for protection. As far as functionality goes, they're the same.

    I had Taylor 409's on my Cougar and bought my Mustang with a set of 8mm Spiro pro wires that 90lxwhite bought. I now have the FRPP wires on the car.

    Guess what.....can't tell a damn bit of difference between any of them. If you're seeing a difference swapping from one wire set to the other, you're probably experiencing a placebo effect....nothing more. A set of wires isn't going to make a lick of difference how your engine runs, unless of course the wires your replacing are damaged or worn out to start with.
  17. Brian, A LOT of guys rag on the FRPP wires. I've had multiple sets and they never arced? :shrug: I do however like the Taylors better because they carry much less ohms per foot. The 409's were uses on my supercharged application and needed the extra insulation for my headers.

    I'd swap the wires in my case mostly for the looks. If I pick up a few hp (which you would not feel) so be it.
  18. Aren't the FRPP wires stock replacement only colored?