New Taylor Wires. (yeah I Know, Lame Thread.)

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  1. They are 9mm vs. 8mm stock with thicker boots.
  2. Aren't the FRPP wires stock replacement only colored?
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  4. They are not "just" I have them on the race car. Boots can take short term temp over 1,000* if I remember right.
    Read the little side bar article titled "The truth about ignition wire conductors"
  5. For $170 I want HER to install them

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  6. I got the Taylor Thundervolt 8.2
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  7. She installed my Taylor 10.4mm wires while running down the beach at the same time.
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  8. I've had several sets of Taylor wires. Put them on just about everything that I own. Where you see the difference is as they age. FMS wires tend to leak through the insulation after a year or two.

    I've not had that happen yet with my Taylors and my oldest set is of about 10 years.

  9. Oh... and there's no part of her that i wouldn't lick clean.

    That is all.

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  10. I bought 2 brand new sets of ford racing wires that both started arcing out within the first 50 miles. I have since bought a set of the Taylor spiro pro wires and haven't had an issue yet. I will say I havnt had a chance to really drive the car yet so time will tell but so far so good.
  11. I got the Taylor Swift's
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