New TFS intake

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  1. The new MM&FF magazine is out. Theres an article about a new TFS Streetburner intake for 2V. The article shows good numbers on a fairly hardcore built motor. Theyre marketing it as a more streetable intake as opposed to the Trackheat which they claim is for more of an all out race intake. It looks identicle to the Trackheat to me. Anybody heard anything more about it?
  2. Haven't heard of it. I think Edelbrock will rule the 2v intake scene in terms of performance gains per dollar. Logan is a serious intake too, but serious $.
  3. Youre probably right. The new TFS is already on Summits site. Not a cheap piece either. Costs pretty much the same as the original Track Heat intake. Of course, no magazine is going to test it on a bone stock 2v. The article aims to sell to the lightly modded or stock crowd but they test the thing on a built motor, full exhaust and like 15 psi boost. Not exactly apples to apples. I know thats not a new tactic for selling products but come on, really.
  4. The streetburner intak has a removable plenum so that you can either use the gt style tb and cai or swap to the bullit style like the last intake came...other than that, i see no other differences
  5. I HATE the fact that they didn't do a side by side comparison with the Track Heat. I mean come on, ANOTHER comparo against the stock 2V IM??!! Ok we get it, the stock intake sucks. Why couldn't they do a real comparison? Or even a comparison on a bone stock engine? They do it for the S197 and the Coyote all the time. Why not for us 2V guys?!
  6. Stay away. Real world dyno in the following thread:

    We were originally 284hp and 302 tq with the pi, and streetburner, at BEST, after a cooldown was 287hp and 279 tq. The 287 didnt occur until about 5k. Below that, there was an average of 10 hp less and 20ftlb less in the lower rpm... Which explains the slower e/t from 12.69 to 12.98 at the track.

  7. Yikes!
  8. Thats a good thread. Now I'm curious what it would do on a mild blower car like mine. Probably worth the money to improve my exhaust before triffling with that intake. If it weren't so expensive, maybe I'd consider it.
  9. So that's why they used a car with 18 lbs of boost. You know, I think MM&FF has kinda lost touch...
  10. Yeah, just slightly. I have felt that way for a while, I guess they must assume that since they can afford $5000 to put a blower on and all the cars they pic to feature have owners that can also afford it, well, everybody can!
  11. Agree