New Times w/Video

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  1. well I went to D42 today. I had the 2nd to 3rd shift fixed and now it hits 6K and shift instead of 5500rpm, but now I notice my 1st to 2nd shift is short 5600rpm, which blogged it down a little. There was a good head wind today which really mess with our times. I made it to the third round where a I broke out.

    1.7199 - 60ft
    5.2261 - 330ft
    8.2058 - 1/8 ET
    81.68 - 1/8 MPH
    10.7470 - 1000' ET
    12.9369 - 1/4 ET
    104.68 - 1/4 MPH

    Here a video of a couple passes, my father-in-law was taping with a unfamiliar camera but he is getting better

    How is my launch? Any pointers? I'm launching by foot braking it to 2000rpm then smashing the gas:D

  2. Nice times..I wish i had ur mods on my car..B/W do you have gears?
  3. thanks, 4.10 gears
  4. N/P man..But glad to see automatic hit 12's :nice:
  5. yeah, people are surpised when they see my car, I'm really hoping for 12.89 before serious weight reduction begins lol
  6. dang.. nice times man!! :nice:
  7. I bet man..I just hope to get in the 13's i have more mods coming so..But yeah everyone looks down on the auto but they wont when it woops them lol!
  8. you are launching pretty good try doing a higher rpm launch but you ae launching pretty good.those are real good times for an auto dude :nice: :drool:
  9. what is the complete mod list for your car? my friend has an 03 auto and I am trying to help him out with getting him going so far he has:

    Steeda CAI
    4:10 gears
    BBK O/R x-pipe
    2 chamber flows

    Im not sure what he is running now since he has never been to the track but the car feels pretty strong when I have rode in it.
  10. everything in my sig except I have 4.10 gears and a SCT chip. the car dyno at 260rwhp & 289TQ
  11. thanks guys
  12. I'm just glad that you took down that beast in the lane next to you on the first run... :)
  13. I envy your car. Is that car strictly track or do you drive it around too? How much did it cost you for the 4000 TC?

    Nice Times Man Way to stick it to the 5-speeds!

  14. Nice stang and nice times.....:nice:
  15. Nice times and launches. I need a TC. :nice:
  16. the converter cost me roughly $950-$975.00 since I got the multi-disk. I drive the car to the track and around town, a couple of the tracks are hour or so away.

    I'm looking for lighter seats & a tubular k-member which I'm hoping to knock off 2 more tenths. I have a HO fiberglass hood at the paint shop now that is 21lbs so that might help me a few hundredths lol

    thanks guys
  17. NICE times, I need you to come and post the next time a automatic owner wants to know what mods to buy.. I keep telling them get a stall converter hardly any listen.

    all autos that want to move should get a stall and 4.10's I would go no less than 3400-3600 stall speed either.
  18. Awesome times man! your car is beastly
  19. that is the two mods I tell everyone with autos, TC & gears! 3600rpm stall min. heck my 4000rpm stall is very streetable.