new tints and head unit

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  1. on friday, i got my new head unit. The Alpine CDA-9855. I was going to get the IVA-310 but didnt have all the money so i purchased the 9855. Within three months i can exchange it and pay the difference for the tv. Also on sat. I got my new tints, and all i can say is it really looks good. I took pics, but i cant find the cable right now. I'll post them in the next few hours.
  2. I'm curious. How can you use something for three months and then exchange it?
  3. thats meyer emcos exchange policy.
  4. FINALLY!!! I got my pics uploaded.




    I hope you all like them
  5. That tint is dark! What is the percent on the side windows?
  6. Looks good. Pretty dark. Illegal in your area?
  7. Thanks. Its just a little illegal, but dont tell anyone though :nono: lol.
  8. There's a related thread about tints and darned good reasons why you should not break the law.
  9. I hate the tint laws. FRIGGEN HATE THEM. I just spent 20K avg on my car, I DEMAND THE RIGHT TO PROTECT THE INTERIOR. If I can WAX THE OUTSIDE, I want to WAX MY WINDOWS DARK to prevent fading. Plus, I plead to my constitutional right to privacy. You cant SEARCH a car without a warrant, same way you cant search a home without one! Yet you can tint business and home windows all the time! By all reasoning, tinting should be illegal on homes as well!

    :ANGER :

    Edit: Oh by the way very nice! I have 15% atw on mine, and an Apline 9833. Love your taste so far! :nice:
  10. thanks zodiac :nice:
  11. See the other thread. I had a good friend, a state trooper, who was killed by a motorist. Would you like to talk to his family about why tints are a good idea?
  12. I have my opinions, and Ill voice them to whomever you like. I really dont care. One cop gets shot in how many making a traffic stop? 1 in 1000? 1 in 1,000,000? People burn down their homes, cars, then file insurance fraud. Does that make it a bad idea for the rest of us? People are killed by motor vehicles, cops are killed by them. Does that mean they're a bad idea? 911 -People killed by planes. Bad idea? Cops are killed by guns. Bad idea? Small children eat rat poison and other common household chemicals and die. Bad idea? One can legally get ****ed up on God knows how many prescribed drugs, or even over the counter non prescribed ones. And go kill people. Medicine a bad idea? Sticks and stones kill people. Lets get rid of all those too. And all that dirt. You could breathe it in and die. Or sufficate if buried. Or drown. So no more dirt and water either. Oh oh, people can hide guns under seats, in glove boxes, in the trunk or engine bay. Lets get rid of all those too. And doors on houses, what are those crazy people hiding!? It could be dangerous in there!
  13. Amen Zodiac.

    Thats why we have laws to punish people when they do something wrong (hopefully punish). If someone hits a state trooper and kills him, how is that my fault?
  14. stanmckinney , i understand why you may object to having tinted windows and i am sorry for your loss but at the same time, that doesnt really give me, imo, a reason NOT to get tints. An accident can happen anytime, anywhere, any place. Youadd some performance part to ur car, and something goes wrong and u crash into an bicycle rider and kill him. Now does that mean, we ALL stop adding performance parts to our car?
  15. how are you liking that head unit? when i get a whole new system in a few months i was gonna get that one... looked at it a few times at tweeters n best buy. also does tint really help protect the interior that much. just wondering. and how much did you pay for ur tint... i was gonna get that done on my mineral grey v6 too
  16. i love the head unit. Its kinda hard to use at the beginning but you'll get the hang of it. I got it because i can also connect the pxa-h701 30 band eq./processor. The tints were $160 including the warranty. My car seems to be cooler than usual in the inside plus no one can look in the car to see my head unit or any of the other items that i will be putting in shortly. Its a great security measure.
  17. when i looked at it, the reason i loved it so much was how clean it looked without all those neonish colors on the display and the glide bar. now im definetely putting tint on my car after i get the blow by racing lnr kit and stripes. had any problems with the tint being scratched, i know without tint, i have a few vertical streaks on both windows that can be wiped off, i guess im just sorta paranoid about getting tint then have it scratch all the time
  18. i havent had any problems with the tint so far. I guess im still a little paranoid myself, that i dont roll my window down to often. But its ok so far.
  19. o this whole deal on tint laws reminded me of something funny. im 16 n work at a car wash n oil change place (kwik kar) and some lady came in with either 10 or 5 percent tint n the mechanics failed her for it. she was sooo pissed. i think they were just doin it cuz she was being a b^&(*. but just a warning at least here in texas