new tints and head unit

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  1. how does the head unit sound with stock speakers?
  2. the sound is surprisingly clear, but if you have the shaker 500, ur gonna miss the bass. The way i got some of my bass back was to play with the time alignment for the rear speakes and turning the media xpander on and played with the eq a little.
  3. ah, well i heard there were problems with the shaker so i just neglected to order it. do you get more power out of the new head unit?
  4. i dont know if its more. I know its about 18wx4(rms). I dunno about the shaker but i do know it gets louder than the shaker while still remaining amazingly clear.
  5. drtc.. check your cross overs in the HU, that may be part of it. And I dont see any reason why the stock harness for the stock subs couldnt be wired into the harness for an aftermarket unit. I really am not sure at all how they're wired as Ive never seen it. Id be really interested to know.. even how its wired and fused off the battery would be knowledge to me at this point.
  6. zodiac, i was thinking the same thing. I'll try to check after my car gets out of the shop.
  7. Yeah! While we're at it, lets get rid of taillights! And stop signs! and all that annoying other **** that could inconvience you in your day! **** safety! Wahoo!
  8. Seem to be overlooking the other reason dark tint is bad .. how about if ppl can't see in then YOU can't see out as well either....Tint is nice but tint so dark that you can't see into the car is dangerous on many levels .. and it's not a security measure... because hello... theres no tint on your windshield .. Mr. crook can look right on in .. not to mention most crooks don't just go walkin around peeking into windows anyways .. they scope out their pray .. they will see you in the street bumpin your stereo . .. then follow you to the mall and jack your **** while you shop ..
  9. And I wonder why I sometimes can't stand people.
    How about the woman I saw putting on make-up while she was driving? How about the people talking on cell phones who ram others in the rear because they are not paying attention?
    People need to use common sense. The fact they don't is why we have to have so-called restrictive laws. I believe in freedom but if you are part of a community you have to respect the rights of others.
    I have had a dark tint and it does interfer with the ability to see out.
    That's all we need are people who have been drinking, talking on cell phones and doing God knows what else driving around in cars too dark for them to see out of.
    Give me a break.
  10. i understand your concern stanmickey, and you make some valid points. But for 1) i dont use a cell phone and drive at the same time, 2) i dont drink or eat in my car, as well as drink alcohol 3) i can see out of my tint just fine. I think that when people get their windows tinted, they do (or should) take into consideration their overall ability to see. Some people think that 35% is too dark and feel no need for it. But thats their personal decision because they think its do dark for themselves. But as i said i do see where ur coming from though.
  11. I want tint restrictions cause I want to be able to see what the dumbass who is going 80 is paying attention to, or if they are going to see me before they pull out in front of me.
  12. he was talkin about for his head unit, and you cant exactly see ur head unit from the windshield, and as far as the scoping out part goes, its not the case the majority of the time, and even if they did scope it out they still wouldnt b able to see in unless he left his windows down one time or they followed him into tweeter, went in to see what he was buying and "scoped him out" to see he had it.
  13. So I guess me having 5% all around and on the winshield is bad huh ? :lol:


  14. that is awesome