New To 4.6 2v's

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Angel Rivera, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Brand new to this site, and mustangs as a whole. I used to be an import driver ( civic of course) but my father was always an american muscle head. One day stumbled upon a 98 gt with 35,xxx miles and a good price and here I am. Looking to make a good daily driver to back up that growl of the 4.6. Any tips tricks or info is always welcomed please!

  2. Hiya and welcome aboard!

    It's good that you have a gear-head in the family already. It'll help GREATLY when it comes time to installing mods.

    Post pics when you get a chance and go in and say "howdie" to all the folks in the SN95 forums.
  3. Thanks! I have read around a bit before joining and have seen the tons of useful info. I am currently a student at Rochester Institute of Technology for Mechanical Engineering Tech. and hopefully I can contribute to the discussions. Pictures soon!

  4. Hell with that! Come over here and help me with my algebra class! :fuss:

  5. No problem, anything but multi-variable calc....class blows:bang:
  6. Welcome aboard Angel