New To Ford And Have Questions.

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  1. I am sure there are hundreds of threads that can answer these questions but I cant remember/ retain everything I read for 3 weeks so I will just ask everything in one post and hope for the best, BTW I am a happy new ford Mustang 5.0 owner coming from a dark chevy background and do not know everything about everything that has to do with mustangs so please, if possible give "simple for idiots" answers.

    I have always loved the sound of a mustang and want nothing more than to add some power and voice to my new 5.0. I have a budget of about 3k so please give some opinions on "bolt-ons" that will give the most bang for 3k.(please include part numbers/ links and even your own personal aftermarket setup with before and after HP/torque readings, if its not too much trouble- Thanks in advance)

    I have read a few threads that are a bit nerve racking about some problems people are having with the new 13' GT's, ie.. (#8 cylinder when tuned, which I would assume might be part of my $3k in upgrades, MT problems, clutch issues, etc) Please indicate/ describe any known problems and ways to avoid/ prevent them from happening. I want to be prepared for these issues before they happen to avoid confusion and also have some general knowledge so that if/when the problem occurs, I'm not going to the dealer and having to take out a second mortgage to cover repairs that have nothing to do with the initial problem.

    3rd and last
    I bought the 2013 5.0 with recaro seats and track pack. My question is- does the track pack make a true difference from a performance standpoint? I know that it helps keep the car cooler which would in turn make more consistency. But does it do anything else or was it a $2500 waste?

    Again, thanks in advance for any feedback. I appreciate everybody's opinions on this subject.
  2. For the exhaust, I'd start with YouTube, but your best best is to hook up with some local Mustang owners & listen to the exhausts on their cars. I was able to do that just this weekend & finalized my decision on that front--I'm going for the Roush axle-backs.

    I'm still new to the Mustang game myself & have mainly been reading on the #8 problem with tuned cars. Not sure how much of a real problem it is--I am taking the internet grain of salt with this. However, since the car still only has <1500 miles, I'm not in a hurry to start messing with the engine just yet.
  3. I see, I have done some research on the axhaust and also seem to come back to the roush but I am torn between the roush and the borla atak. I dunno which to go with. as for the tune and cylinder issues all I have read is it causes problems and some places say they have not seen any so far but I dont want to buy a new motor when I havent evens seen 5k on my current one. Thanks for the post!
  4. I was torn between the same two. While I wasn't able to listen to the ATAK, there was a car with the S-Type. I like the Roush well enough to just pull the trigger--and I have some of Ford's money burning a hole in my pocket for mods (yay for rebates).
  5. Exhaust is all you. I have the Borla S-type after seeing how the roush exhaust was rusting after a few thousand miles. Nice deep sound that I was looking for. The ATAK's seemed to be more exotic like the corsa extremes.

    Don't get a CAI, you won't see much benefit.

  6. I just listened to the Borla S-type and the Roush And the Borla is deffinately more along the lines of my taste- I didnt realize there was that big of a difference between the different Borla options. Thanks so much for the feedback I think that answers the question about the exhaust but why do you not recommend going with a CAI? does it make a difference to go with CAI + Tune?
  7. I have the Roush axle backs and I absolutely love them. For the price they are hard to beat.

    As far as the track package, along with the cooling upgrades from the Boss 302, it includes the torsen differential from the Boss 302, 3.73 gears, Brembo brake package which includes better tires (summer tires vs all seasons) and a different "tuned" suspension. So yes, it was an upgrade as far as performance for the car.
  8. That deffinately makes me feel better about the money spent. And i didnt even know it cam with better tires. thats awesome! About the Roush exhaust, did you buy it from dealer or from roush themselves?
  9. Dont worry about the horror stories, they are few and far between. After you get your exhaust sorted out I'd invest in a quality shifter because the stock shifter is junk. MGW is the top choice but if you don't want to spend $375.00 go with a Barton.
  10. I heard about the MGW Shifters, are they nice? is there a noticeable difference?
  11. Mgw is by far the best shifter out, yes it makes a big difference, I also drained my stock tranny fluid in favor of Amsoil 100% synthetic seen here:


    2 of the best upgrades with the biggest impact!!!!
  12. So
    So You are saying I should drain my Trans fluid and fill with this stuff? What impact does this have on the car?
  13. Better shifts especially in cold weather. On the drive home from the install of my shifter and oil change I immediately noticed how much easier it is to go gear to gear. This stuff is $10 a quart you need 3 quarts but the long term protection it will provide is worth it!!!!!
  14. I have heard the MT-82 is a junk transmission all together is that true?
  15. no its not a junk transmission there are guys out there pushing 700 + hp with this mt- 82
  16. Good to know!

    At this point I am considering these parts:

    Steeda CAI +Tune/FRPP--dunno which is better..
    Borla S-type Axle Back exhaust
    Steeda Lowering Springs-1.25''
    Upper strut mounts
    Lower control arms
    MGW Short throw shifter

    Does anyone think this is a bad setup to start out with? What about the CAI vs the FRPP?
  17. I've read in the forums a lot that the CAI is marginal for our engines--more eye candy than anything else. I'm holding off on it for now. After the exhaust, I am planning on the MGW shifter (take a look at their site & watch the videos--very informative). After that I am looking at suspension. That will start with springs/shocks, strut mounts, and adjustable panhard bar; then I'll see where I go from there. I am pretty set on Konis for the shocks and am considering springs (Steeda Sports, Hotchkiss, FRPP). Since the mounts have to be replaced anyway, the Maximum Motorsports camber plates seem highly thought of, so may as well go that route & do it once. But, like you I'm still learning & this can all change...

  18. Yea I am on the fence with everything and wish there was just some expert to come in and tell me what to buy and how to install. I watched the videos on the MGW site and they are very informative. I will be buying the MGW shifter for sure. I also did a little more research on the Steeda CIA/ Tune and there seems to be a minimum of at least 30 RWHP and 20 lb/ft Torque on average so I think I might go with that setup over the FRPP. The only thing about the FRPP is I read that it adds 60 lb/ft torque @ 1500rpm and it doesnt void warrenty. But even then I think the Steeda is probably just as good