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  1. Hi Everyone!! I have a 93 vert gt.. Did some mods to it.have explorer intakes, 24lb injectors 70mm throttle body, 73mm maf, 500 lift cam and a whistle that's driving me nuts.... Any ideas on what I can do.......

    Thanks Ron........
  2. Hiya glsron... Take a look through the forum setup and try posting in the Welcome Wagon for your introduction.

  3. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone.."am I in the right this where I can ask questions about my 93 vert?
  5. Nope, you're still in the feedback and testing forum but that's ok. I've moved your posts into their own thread within Talk section of the Fox Body forums.

    So now.... you're in the right place. :nice:

    Ask away.
  6. Welcome!
    Can you elaborate on the whistle? Does it get louder as the rpms or speed increase?
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  7. I put some upgrades on it 500 lift cam, gt40 heads, explorer intakes, 70mm tb, 73mm maf,headers (shorty) and with all that I now have a unwanted whistle. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks a lot noobz .......Ron
  9. The whistle is there from start up to shut down......
  10. Do you happen to have a BBK throttle body by chance?
  11. I have a similar issue at a certain rpm or throttle condition...haven't pinpointed it yet, but kind of think its egr or tb perhaps? (edited after above post)
    And I have a BBK 70mm that a known culprit? and to think I actually worked for them at one point many years ago
  12. i was going to say check the throttle body and iac as well.
  13. Certain brand throttle bodies are known to whistle
  14. No mine is stack racing
  15. Yes that's what I been reading....I heard to drill a 1/8 inch hole in butter fly ( that's what I cal it )..runs great but the whistle got to
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  16. It's a very common problem with the BBK's. I am a lucky one and don't have the whistle, but I've heard of many cases where it was the culprit
  17. I'll check it out..... Gonna clean iac check gaskets on intakes and throttle body.....thanks a lot for all your imput....Ron
  18. I cleaned the iac and got the idle back. I think I'm having computer problems engine light stays on it's pig rich burns my eye burn
    how do I pull the codes out what do I need as far as tools? Help please!!
  19. Found out about the whistle on my was the iac, put a new one on and no more whistle..........
  20. Think I had the same issue a few years ago, and replaced it started doing it again, is that all the longer these things are good for?