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  1. "If you don't have cats then I wouldn't worry about the smog pump stuff.. Even with it all hooked up and no cats it ain't gonna do much, if anything at all. If you really wanted to hook it up the right way you would need to buy a whole new h pipe with the cats installed. Then you can hook it up back to stock."

    Right, the original idea was 100% stock. Now we have a "legal" dilemma. It is illegal to tag it in its current state. While this is no big deal to most I differ on this point. The titled owner and I are working out a solution. We are leaning toward splitting the cost of replacement parts if i can find them cheap enough, otherwise back it goes and I look for another one.
  2. and they previous owners are good people. splitting cost of emissions repairs. gonna slap those parts in and get it titled asap!
  3. "Yeah, if you just leave the pipe open that normally goes down to the cats, but have everything else installed and it all works, it will keep the codes away. The pipe attaches to the exhaust after the O2 sensors. Anything after the O2 sensors, the computer doesn't know about."

    Just reread this, ummm seeing as the cats are off and lots of stuff is missing I am looking for what attaches that "smog" pump line from the firewall to the cats. Has to be some sort of "Y" tube? muffler shop did not have a clue. quick search didn't do much
  4. Hey JC, I grabbed a few pics really quick off Summit. The pipe from the TAB/TAD valves that goes back to the exhaust is a single tube. Your cat-less system might even still have the hookup tube installed... my Pypes off-road system doesn't have one. Any exhaust shop should be able to hook up the tube even if yours doesn't have one.

    I attached 4 pics. 3 of them are off-road systems with the hookup. Last one is my Pypes setup without the hookup. BBK-1661.jpg sum-640725.jpg sum-640733_w.jpg pye-xfm10_w.jpg
  5. Cool, so it is just a rubber hose then that goes over that steel? interesting. now change of topic. Ever do a dye job on a sun damaged dash? Got a single spot in the whole car as big as my hand that needs re dyed. Any experience/ product advice?

    Searched BBK and they all look like they have the hookup. Gotta slide under the car later and see.
  6. It's usually welded tube-to-tube. I suppose you could use a piece of heavy hose, like a heater hose, just make sure it's heavy enough that it won't melt from the hot exhaust pipes.

    I got nothing for ya there. Plenty of guys in here have done interior dyes... I'm sure someone will pop in for ya.
  7. "It's usually welded tube-to-tube. I suppose you could use a piece of heavy hose, like a heater hose, just make sure it's heavy enough that it won't melt from the hot exhaust pipes."

    The actual tube that comes from the firewall to the exhaust is metal? Looks like a rubber tube of some sort should slip over that little piece that sticks out of the exhaust. I'm not fully getting it. help? Not tube to tube, instead from the attachment on the exhaust to the smog junk under the hood.
  8. Off the bottom of the TAD valve, it was a short rubber hose that connected to a check valve (prevents exhaust gas from coming back up to the TAD), then an all metal tube from there to the exhaust. If I remember correctly, the check valve was screwed onto the end of the metal tube.
  9. super, another part to search.... and i have no clue what to even start to call this one, or how to describe it.
  10. This pic that was posted by jrichker earlier in your thread... the lines that are done in orange would all be metal tubing.

  11. getting under the car tonight, we'll see what i find. keep ya posted and thanks!
  12. Yeah, you can find the check valves easily enough, but getting that tube will be difficult.
  13. that tube is actually still there!!! unbelievable, a part they didn't cut off! looked at it quick and it is plugged. too cold out to mess around any longer but i did not notice a hookup for it on the bbk x pipe. hate to just leave it open and vent exhaust fumes under the car. perhapsa shop can connect them if i end up keeping the pipes.
  14. Eureka! Something good! Question: are you going to be installing cats?
  15. well, was going back to cats. planned on splitting cost with seller, but... somehow they have not been able to return calls... hmmm so maybe not? if i dont i am having it reconnected to the x pipe.
  16. I know you're wanting to return the car to stock, but let me toss something out there...

    If you're not going to run cats, I'd stop spending money and time on the Thermactor system. It will do nothing for you but clean up the exhaust a bit by pumping air into the heads. If you can get the car tagged without cats, the Thermactor is not going to be stopping you.

    The system is simple to deactivate, getting rid of it cleans up the engine compartment and you'll save some money and frustration. I understand and appreciate you wanting to get everything back to stock, but maybe this all needs to be re-thought.
  17. Yeah, I know. But one day it will be my sons car and i want it 100% legal and trustworthy. There has to be more to this smog stuff. If it did not do something else besides warm the cats up on cold start there would be no reason for it to switch between the cats and the engine. It would just dump into the cats all the time. I have read all the delete threads and while it is easy to do, I still have not seen a way to get rid of cel. So if something else were to go on the only way i would know is with a scan tool as the cel will always be on, which by the way would drive me crazy!
  18. Well, yeah, there's more to it. The cats need the air to increase their temp, breaking down hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in the exhaust. I believe the air pumped into the heads just thins the exhaust, making it cleaner in parts per million. The computer (and people smarter than me) decide when the air gets pumped to the cats, the heads or just overboard.

    We haven't even gotten into the EGR yet... :confused:
  19. We haven't even gotten into the EGR yet... :confused:

    your killing me
  20. Update: Got new battery, battery cables locally tonight. Found the last of the "smog" junk and that is shipping. Cats are not ordered as of yet (another fun turn of events) Traced all hoses, both vacuum and coolant, along with wiring and everything appears to be back in place, minus the smog but we know where that goes right Boydster? Rebuilt the fuel sending unit with a new fuel pump and filter and am ordering the new fuel tank next week. After a complete fluids change I will turn the key... And then turn it right back off. She goes for minor body work after all that. Then its on to a new top and the decision to replace the white leather original seats with either white leather or red cloth. Still have not decided on the seats. And then a few hundred other things. My wife is gonna kill me.