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  1. Hate to bump, but this was by far the most interesting build thread i've read. How is it coming along?
  2. with the coming of cold weather up here and hunting season i have backed off a lot. Did just get the ignition cover in the mail yesterday from LRS to put on. With that out of the way the list narrows yet again. Things to be done are as follows.
    New seat skins and foam for the fronts
    New convertible top
    H pipe with cats, available just a 2 hour drive one way...
    Radiator overflow bottle, guy down the street has one for me
    Needs a jack, tire iron and one "T" hook for the trunk to hook the cargo net to
    a/c recharge. going r12. here is the thread.

    Started underneath the car a month ago removing surface rust and getting it ready to undercoat. Could not finalize what i wanted to undercoat with so i backed off. Still needs paint. That will be the last thing purchased but done before the seat or top install.

    So it sits in the garage, waiting for jackstands for the winter. I start it and let it heat up every week but thats about it.
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  3. Should note that the ignition cover from lrs came cracked along the factory mold/bend line. They replaced it with no trouble. New one should be here today
  4. the rubber boot that covers the dizzy or the coil cover? I am wanting a new coil cover.
  5. started the car and pulled it out of the garage today as it has been in the fortys here. she runs perfect which was a small relief after all the code trouble i had, thought the gremlins might have gotten back to her but they didn't. everything i need to finish the car this summer is readily available except one stupid plastic wing nut that holds the cargo net to the back of the trunk. i have looked everywhere. junkyards, guys parting out, aftermarket and in other vehicles that "might" have had it. nothing. it is driving me crazy.
  6. found the stupid cargo net/trunk carpet wing nut. $2! Found original catted H pipe for $40. even bought a oem motorcraft fan belt to keep it all original. everything is now done except convertible top, seat skins and paint!!!
  7. Picked up my $40 catted H pipe last night and it was in better shape than most i have seen for sale. Talked to the seller for a quick minute about the stink and eye burning of running a non catted pipe and he confirmed that the switch from catted to non-catted was an instant cause of stink and burning with his car. So this appears to be the fix i was looking for.
    Cargo net is now back in the trunk hooked up as it should be with original studded wing nut.
    Happy happy happy...

  8. Take it back to the factory for a repaint, then you can call it factory paint
  9. do you need a dizzy cover, Ive got one still in a sealed bag and another that was pulled off my 89
  10. got it all, thanks though. as for paint that has to change a little. need a clear coat on there...
  11. pressure tested the block again just because i couldn't live with the cooling system not making pressure (even though it never overheated). sure enough it pissed coolant out the drivers side corner of the timing chain cover/ water pump area. time to rip apart the front of the engine. this was after testing it many times last fall and scratching my head wondering what the hell the problem could be. problem found!

    just a note for me below so i dont lose it
  12. small update: new door striker bushings ordered tonight from late model restorations. tired of the doors wobbling when i get in and out while working on things. gonna tackle the water pump/timing cover leak next week!
  13. you need hinge pins and bushing as well. Those are a PITA to replace. enlist a buddy to help hold the door up and use masking tape to tape off all the edges or you are going to have knicked paint all over the place.
  14. You are correct the door sag is bad.
  15. going to have a full paint job done in the next year. everything that can come off for paint is coming off so that will be a perfect time for those pins.
  16. got the original motor hoist mounts that i found by luck on the internet today in the mail. an hour, BFH and some cursing and the mounts are in and smog equipment bolted back to them and done!
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  17. Started the water pump/timing chain cover gasket replacement yesterday. 8 hours of scraping old rtv and what appeared to be 3 different gasket sets off all those parts. What a mess. I quit just before dark at the halfway point. Everything is ready for reinstall today. Only broke 2 studs and part # 23744 at advance auto parts fixed it for a tenth of the price the local suppliers ask. Gonna start the reinstall here about noon.
  18. water pump and all is back on! runs good. makes pressure in the upper hose again!
  19. found a almost perfect rs-64 radiator cap in the salvage yard last week and cleaned it up. pressure tested and it passed with flying colors. this is the first one i have found that i have any faith in. 8 caps in the past year to only have 1 that is good. no wonder they are $100 online. found and replaced my oem driver power seat track from a 98 stang too. the track was an EXACT match to the one i pulled out of my 92 and works perfectly. :)
  20. Holy crap. $100 for a flipping radiator cap? Should have bought 1000 back in the day and I could have