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  1. yeah, check it out. new ford replacement is rs-90. ugly plastic circle. i bought one just in case but it just isnt right.
  2. anybody know if the tire iron fake leather bag was stock or an aftermarket extra. would be the last piece to finish the trunk. if it is not stock then the trunk is done.
  3. ordered oem battery cables and firewall to hood seal. new door insulation and vapor barrier next week. that finishes the engine compartment which is now all stock oem.
  4. just hit the "place order" button from lrs on new vapor barrier, insulation, map pockets and door belt molding extensions! gonna finish the doors this weekend!
  5. ran that cap that tested well. compared it to the new plastic ugly rs90 and it falls short. a new cap is a new cap and it functions much better. oh well.
    ran it through a door tab decoder...

    BODY (Body type)GTC2-DR. Convertible GT
    VR (Convertible roof)WWWhite
    INT TRIM position 1 (Trim scheme fabric/seat type)CFabric: Leather; Type: A-Sport
    INT TRIM position 2 (Trim scheme color code)NO Wht/Scarlet
    R (Radio type)9Radio AM/FM, Clock Cassette Electronic Tune
    AX (Axle ratio)MLock 2.73
    TR position 1 (Transmission)TAutomatic Overdrive (AOD) Transmission
    TR position 2 (Left front spring code)QPart No: E5SC-RA; Catch-Word: MOR
    TR position 3 (Right front spring code)QPart No: E5SC-RA; Catch-Word: MOR
    TR position 4 (Left rear spring code)CPart No: E5SC-CA; Catch Word: MIE
    TR position 5 (Right rear spring code)CPart No: E5SC-CA; Catch Word: MIE
    DSO (District sales office)48Detroit Region

    says the top is supposed to be white!!!!! I HATE white tops. Stock is stock and thats what i want but i think this might just screw the deal.

  7. Lol. I bought like 10 motorcraft water inlet gaskets one time. The only one all the part stores around here sell is the one with adhesive on one side. I use gasgacinch and I really don't like the adhesive... I have a ssp oil cooler I'm going to save for a rainy day.
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  8. removing the rear bumper cover today to tackle some of that michigan rust that has built up in the rear end.
  9. rear bumper had about ten pounds of rocks and dirt in it. dropping the tank this weekend to complete the rust removal above it.
  10. At this point the car is getting ready for winter storage, not that it was out on the road or anything. It is up on jackstands and I am going to drain the oil in a few days.

    List to be done come warm weather: Undercoating, new skins on seats, paint and a new vert top. After that a good once over of the brakes and steering and she will be on the road. In a few years i can see pulling the engine and trans to clean and repaint them.
  11. ooh white top idk what ford was thinking but i cant stand the red interiors either but stock is stock.
  12. My original 91 was red with porno red interior. I liked it but it had a black top.
  13. Typical car restoration thread. Got alot done last year and then nada. Had it out of the garage three times this summer to clean the garage and thats it. Too much family and work stuff. Bet I dont even get the exhaust back on before hunting season. Oh well its not going anywhere.
  14. So out it came from the garage. Wire wheel and some ruddy orange rust primer for the rear axle and surrounding crap and we are back at it. Going to work on finishing the undercarriage before july hits. Then piece by piece on the remaining little stuff until i can recoupe from both my wife and my daily driver blowing transmissions. At least i can get my hands dirty again.
  15. searching for rear seat belt plastic sleeves in red. mine are cracked and crappy
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  17. Found rear seatbelts with intact sleeves! In the mail already. All small miscellaneous parts are now accounted for and are oem
  18. 2 years and a nursing degree later I finally can tinker again. Looking for advice on restaining the steering wheel leather back to red. The wheel itself is perfect, it just has the dye removed from years of use. Anyone done this?
  19. I used house paint, didn't work :doh:
    Let me give @Davedacarpainter a ring, it's rumored he could but a shine on a mouse turd.
    Ring, ring, calling dave, ring, ring.:jester:
    He also has a thread called painting 101
    Great to have you back, btw, I'm the resident class clown:jester:
    Bet you could't tell.