new to forum need help with trans problom

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  1. hey guys so im new to the forum. i resonantly bought a new mustang a 1995 mustang gt. it has a 5 speed. i have had it for about 5 days now the trans has been making a whining noise for a few days and today i went to go to town and it started making a rattling noise so i turned around to go home to change cars and before i got home the car. started shaking when i gave it gas and stopped moving than when i would let out of the clutch it would shake and not move and the engine would shut off like its in a bind it goes in gears easy and stuff still its not locked in gear. i think it might be the pilot bearing went out in it not sure need some advice
  2. I'm not sure. It's one of those things I would have to get under there and look at. Don't pass up looking at the driveshaft.

  3. its not the driveshaft. its something with the transy i could here it coming from the bell housing area of the car and when u push the clutch in the it all stops or did anyway till this happened. and i started the car earlier to check for noises and it had a hard time cranking over even with the clutch pushed in so i think its something in the bell housing im hoping its not my flywheel but u never know im going to drop the transmission and take a look this weekend i hope if this storm dosnt snow every body in anyway
  4. I hope it's something simple. Sorry to hear you're having issues with a new to you car.

    I was thinking your rear diff had issues, but then you said the noise was coming from the bell.
  5. ok so i got it out last night..... wasn't good at all i need a new transmission well i guess i can have it rebuilt but its going to cost alot it needs a rebuild kit and a 2 gear installed also the reason why it wasn't pulling the bearings went in the transmission and it put it in a mind and busted two gears there completely gone i think its the input shaft pully? not sure and the one it sets on underneath it on the front of the transmission so its pretty bad in there idd say for what it would cost me to rebuild it i could prob buy a used tranny with a warranty. i was looking around i im kinda fuzzy on this im hoping maybe you all can help me out a little on this can i put a v6 5speed in my car will it bolt up to my gt bell housing or will i have to change stuff on it? i can buy a v6 5speed for about 400 bucks guaranteed to be working
  6. from what i remember, it will go in but the gears will be weak.
  7. 3.8 t5 will bolt in fine.
    It won't be "weaker", but will have different gear ratios.

    Just make sure you get the right one.
    Later 3.8 t5s use a different style vss.