new to forums pics of my 93

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  1. i think i attached the pics.... this is my 4th mustang and i'm only 22 lol

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  2. sorry can only upload 2 at a time so heres the other pics

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  3. Welcome to StangNet

    Nice ride :nice:
  4. welcome. looking good. mods?
    • Bbk shorty headers
    • Flowmaster catback
    • Stock x-pipe gutted cats
    • Trick-flow upper intake manifold
    • Trick-flow lower intake manifold
    • Trick-flow heads
    • Trick-flow cam
    • Procharger 600b
    procharger front mount intercooler
    • 255lph fuel pump
    • pro m M.A.F
    • Stealth TT blow off valve
    • 40 lb injectors
    • Professional products intake spacer
    • 70mm throttle body
    • Electronic fuel pressure regulator
    • Msd distributor cap
    • Ford racing 9mm wires
    • Msd coil
    • Msd 6a ignition box
    • Vortech boost retard (with dial)
    • 3.55 gears
    • B&M short throw shifter
    • Aluminum driveshaft
    • Hardened universals
    • Steeda clutch cable
    • Steeda firewall adjuster
    • Kenny brown strut tower brace
    • Kenny brown lower control arms
    • Kenny brown subframe connectors
    • Kenny brown matrix w/ jack rails
    • Kenny brown stage 3 springs
    • Koni adjustable shocks/struts
    • Caster/camber plates
    • Slotted front rotors
    • ¼ inch rear rim spacers
    • 4-pt. bolt in roll cage
    • Pan-hard bar
    • 17 inch black cobra r rims
    • Saleen wing
    • 5% window tint
    • Lx taillights
    • Boost/vacuum gauge
    • Fuel pressure gauge
    • 5 inch tach w/shift light
    • Pioneer head unit
  6. Sounds like a pretty stout car, I would def be looking into some bigger brakes if you don't have them already though lol
  7. i should have just wrote to much to list lol it would have been easier
  8. i was thinking bout goin wit the cobra r upgrade kit to 5 lug wit the disc brakes for the rear but i'm unsure about it. but u get 13 inch front rotors and 11.65 rears....
  9. Car looks really clean. Welcome to SN.
  10. welcome to the thunderdome!
  11. nice ride!! welcome aboard.

    just a hint from one newb to another, you'll reach your limit of posting pics pretty quickly. you'll have to jump on photobucket and start posting your pics that way :)
  12. Beautiful ride welcome aboard!
  13. Welcome nice car.any pics of the motor or better close up's of the current pics? In your sig crash at 140MPH!!!!!!!!!!!! um hopefully not on the street :nono: peace

  14. I like it, the cobra brakes with black calipers and black wheels would look right at home
  15. nice car....and sounds like it is a decent handler..
  16. ya it handles pretty well....i just traded my 99 gt for this one even up a few weeks ago and it needs rear wheel bearings (already replaced fronts) so i havnt really thrown it into any hard turns yet but from what i have done it handles great....and yes sadly my crash at 140mph was on the highway i was stupidly racing some car that by far outpowered my 88 (nissan maxima wit a 30k dollar spoon engine) so i tried to pass him in a turn spun it out hit a cliff and rolled the car slid down the highway on the roof car was completely totaled and no seat belt on top of it i was 18 y.o and dumb lol....front end pretty much pushed into windshield roof crushed down to top of the seats only thing that saved me was that i didnt have a seat belt on if i would have the roof would have crushed me....lucky i was ok cut on my leg from kicking through the window to get out of the car so now i dont race on the street drag strip only!!
  17. i'll try and get some the next nice day its been ****ty out here in eastern pa
  18. geez dude, you're lucky.