New to me 1966 convertible


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Oct 26, 2015
Hello all,
I am not new to Mustangs, as I own a 99 and 03 GT convertible both yellow with white top and leather seats, also had a 04 GT convertible, and a 98 LX V6 convertible. Back in 88 I bought a 84 1/2 GT350 anniversary convertible. Anyway, I just purchased a 1966 Mustang convertible, and I think I may have a original 13,000 mile car. here's the story, please bear with me. I am retired, live in a 55+ MH park in Daytona. I have seen a old red convertible in the park a few times, but never saw it up close. The owner asked me if I knew anyone that worked on old cars as he wanted someone to clean it up, to sell, I told him I'd be interested in it, long story short I purchased and wow it is in better condition than what I thought. As soon as I saw it I noticed the skinny bias ply tires!! I has 6.95 X14 Goodyear Power Cushion tires. I thought they were repros from Coker from whoever restored the car. I really think they are original. I ordered new tires yesterday, as I will not drive the car with old tires on it, there is some weather checking/dry rot. Now the PO said he bought it 4 years ago. A friend in the park told me the car was at a dealer for a while. I have paperwork that the PO dropped by and gave me today. He left me the old registrations from the guy he bought it from, the earliest registration was from 1995. As far as I can tell from Google the man still lives at the address of the registration. I could not find his phone number but I will either drive by sometime soon or drop him a postcard. With the car I got lots of manuals on restoration, so someone restored it very well also sometime in the past. The tires has got me as they look as if they have 13,000 miles on them, really unreal!!! The spare in the trunk is a recap from Sears. How many of you guys out there have ever seen a car retread, or even a original 6.95 X 14 tire. I can tell you it has been years for me, LOL. The Alpha dash 70's, 78's etc. came out around 1968. What I am thinking is someone drove the car for a while, then a Dealer down her bought it. I think Colonial ford which is no longer put it in their showroom for years. Who knows? It is a 6 cylinder auto, manual everything including the top. It is a 76B which I think should be Pony interior but seats are not the Pony. DSO is 33 (Detroit). It is bright red, (code 5), white top and black interior. It is truly beautiful, and I stole it!!! Will post pictures later. Can anyone else explain why it has original tires if it is not original 13,000 miles? The car runs/idles rough but hopefully it is minor. I have not had a chance to put it on a lift and see if the floors/frame is original either. This could be a great find. BTW it is all original other than a aftermarket radio, but I have the original am radio. Sorry for writing a book, LOL but just confused about the skinny tires!!! Kim


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will be trying this sex one when I can find it
Mar 5, 2019
LOL but just confused about the skinny tires!!! Kim

She's a pretty 'vert. Loving that color combo. More pics please.
Maybe some one had rims (stock GT or aftermaket) on it and swapped before selling