Drivetrain New to me 2011 5.0 6 Speed hard to sift into 6th

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by HK_FTW, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. So I picked up my new to me 2011 GT this weekend. I noticed that 6th is harder to shift into than the rest of the gears. Is this a normal thing on the 6 speed manual? Car has 17k on it.
  2. Not normal at all. I picked up a new to me 11 GT about 2 weeks ago. 32k miles. Had issued getting into 3rd. Gears would grind. Ford is replacing the synchronizer on Monday under warranty. Not sure if this is the exact same issue with yours but it should be easy getting into every gear. With the exception of reverse, I am still getting used to pushing down and going left and up
  3. Depends....6th is a huge overdrive so, to match revs on upshift, you have to slow the shift down to allow the car to drop revs sufficiently to avoid a clutch lurch from the mismatched shaft and road speed. This may be what you're experiencing.

    Also, this is a finger and open palm shift car. Muscling the shifter like an old Toploader will just result in missed shifts. It's a bit of re-education on musclecar shifting that's for sure. A shifter bracket and plain round knob will make a world of difference in shift quality on this thing.
  4. I absolutely agree with you on the shifting technique. Once I started using an open palm for the second to third shift the shifts improved dramatically. Using that technique I was able to power shift the stock shifter without fear of missing. Getting a Steeda shifter and bracket improved the experience.
  5. Yep, sucks the MT-82 pretty much enforces a remote shifter, given it's small size dimensionally. The close relative of the MT-82 in the Supra, for example, has no such requirement for careful technique.