New (to Me) '69 Coupe On The Way..

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  1. Good afternoon everyone. My Uncle has owned a 69 Coupe for some time, and he's giving it over to me. I remember some pics about 10 years ago, I believe it was a dark green, was road worthy too. It has just been sitting at my Uncle's farm. I don't have any pics yet, but we may try to get her this weekend. I have to drive from North Fl. to near Atlanta to trailer her back.
    Anyway, Ive been over in the four eye sections and anything 87-1996 on here before. This will be my first Classic.
    I look forward to updating on here. I know it has a v8, and he says 429 or 351 Cleveland. If I had just a small peek of a photo I could tell. Ive rebuilt both those engines before. Auto trans.
    Any websites or companies I need to familiarize myself with really well for this resto?
  2. 69, probably a 351 windsor .70 was the first cleaveland. nice score
  3. and the only 429s that went into mustangs until the 71 model year was the boss 429 and it went into the fastback mustangs for 69 and 70.
  4. Thanks, I agree with both of you providing it's an original car. I also have no reason to not think it's got it's original motor. I would love some pics. I'll probably have to guide my Uncle through taking and sending them, haha.
  5. Got some pics sent to me! Very excited! Tell me what you see from them. The VIN is 9f01f204202. Decoder says it's a '69, hardtop, with a 302. But the motor pic ;looks like a 351. Auto trans. stang1.jpg stang1.jpg stang2.jpg stang6.jpg
  6. A few more. stang3.jpg stang4.jpg stang5.jpg
  7. looks like a Grande.high back buckets and woood grain panels?
    looks like the factory 302. nice looking car .if you don't want it i will take it:D
  8. looks like standard interior ,for some reason the last pics didnt open untill now
  9. The pics came from my cousin, I don't know about wood grain. Not sure if I see what your'e seeing there. So it looks like a 302? I was thingking the coil mounted on the intake was a sign of a 351. Either way, it will be a great project for me and my 16, 13, 11 year old sons.
  10. i do believe that is a 302 as well.
  11. Well that works out, makes it a (Hopefully) original car. I'm suprised the hubcaps are still on it. I'll pick her up next weekend with all things falling in place.
  12. just thinking ,i saw the hood scoop and what appeared to be high back buckets through the windows. i didnt see the last pics for some reason they didnt open the first time i viewed them. a 351 has 2 bolts in the front and back of the intake in the corners instead of one like a 302 ,still a very nice start:nice:
  13. Can anyone identify the color? I've looked at several Ford paint colors for '69 and it doesnt seem to fit. Too light for forest green, not black jade, and not Gulfstream seemingly. Ideas?