New To Me 95 Gt Vert Throwing Lots Of Codes And Won't Idle

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  1. So I just picked up a 95 mustang gt convertible. It has 180000km and is bone stock (I've changed the fuel filter and checked the compression which reads 119, 120, 120, 122, 124, 126, 127, 131 since I purchased it). It had issues starting when I purchased it, but I bought with a long term intention of building her up.
    Anyways, on to my problems. Keep in mind this is my first post on any forum, so I apologize for any redundant questions.
    My car idled and drove when I brought it home. It had NO balls whatsoever...I know what it should feel like at least and this car feels like it's runnin with 80 hp. So I did some research and cleaned my maf, iat and erg sensors plus I tested and set my tps voltage from 1.63V to .97V....lowest it would go (I've since read that it's not necessary to adjust the tps voltage since it's managed by the computer, but I think it was still to high at 1.63V and needed to be at least 1.3V). After cleaning/adjusting the above, my car now won't idle. It will start, revs immediately climb to 2500 rpm, drop right down to 300 rpm, stumble and die. Wtf.
    I have ran a Koeo test and logged the following codes......get ready.....
    113 (iat open), 157 (maf below min V), 211 (pip circuit fault), 336 (pfe sensor signal high), 543 (fuel pump motor shows no Power), 637 (tot sensor open), 639 (speed sensor fault) and 657 (transmission temp sensor was excessive). Still with me?
    I'm waiting on my OBD I to arrive.
    Did I buy a car that's fubar'd????

    I appreciate any and all help offered.
  2. Also the dizzy is old but rotor,cap and plugs are new
  3. Thanks for the help
  4. Welcome aboard, post up your issues into the sn section and they will get you sorted out. It's slow in here right now, as alot of us are out soaking up the sun!
  5. Ok. Will do I appreciate the advise on where I should be posting to begin with...
    Thanks again