New to me help needed


Feb 22, 2022
Ford guy my whole driving life mostly all trucks but I have ventured Into the mustang world just recently with a new to me 2007 Shelby gt500. Great find in Ohio from og owner with 2600 miles on it. car is lowered with eibach springs and shocks , Shelby 20” rims , track bar, smaller pulley , c.a .I. ,mild tune is what I know and got all og parts with sale. Only problem car rides like complete crap and not enjoyable to drive will knock ur teeth out and if your wife has big boobs will knock her out too. Hoping it’s just cause tires are 16 years old and didn’t move for few years. But really considering putting stock suspension back on. As far as power goes This car is a beast. I am sure with current set up this car will handle Cornering like a champ but I bought for joy riding with wife not to race around beating the pants off it. Just a little bit lol. Please help with input. Or is there a mustang specialist in nj.


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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
Mod Dude
Aug 25, 2016
My opinion is those tires have no sidewall, no give. Plus they are the wrong size, the wheel is wider than the tire. Investigate what size wheel/tire belongs on it.
Oh, welcome to stangnet.