New to Mustangs and trying to decide what to order


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Aug 12, 2019
Hello :)

So as the title says - I am interested in ordering a mustang (sold my corvette a few months back). Apparently I can still order a 2019 with zero percent financing. But I need to move quickly as the 2020s will hit soon and incentives will disappear.

Anyway, I’m getting so turned around with the configurator and not being familiar with mustangs I’m coming here for some guidance and advice.

First a bit of info. This will be my daily driver - commute to work is 40 minutes one way (highway) 2 days a week. I have been a Convertible vette man for the past 30 years, time for a change :)

I like throaty exhausts and power but also like to chill on the drive to work (the active exhaust caught my attention here )

So far I have the following :

GT premium
Magnetic or black
No stripe
401a or California ?
Performance package or magma ride ?
Safe and smart package
Active exhaust
Which seats are best ?

I just copied my notes I had taken as I went through the build process. Was annoying to see the various packages not be able to bundle. I truly like the effect of the California package with the side vents and off set pony.

Any strong opinions for or against any of the packages ? Thank you in advance for your thoughts and time !!
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Apr 20, 2004
So far, in my opinion, you're off to a good start. I like everything you have listed save for the Magna Ride (personally, I think that the stock shocks are enough and if you want more, there are plenty in the aftermarket along with springs) but to each his own. Seating is subjective so the best advice I can give you is to take a trip down to your local dealership and have a seat (or 2) in a Mustang. Talk to them even though you may not be buying one at the time of your visit.


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Jun 15, 1999
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The magnaride is something that they don't individually sell, and allows for an almost infinite amount of ride settings, but if it's your daily, you might not get as much of a benefit out of that, whereas the GT350's would on a lap.
I've seen some California's, and as much as I like them, they don't seem like much. The 401a gets you that sweet digital dash, but perhaps that's a gimmick, as you're supposed to be looking at the road, right?
That active exhaust sounds fantastic when you fully open it up.
Seats, dunno, they're all nice. I guess I'm the wrong person, after the base GT seat, I'm going Kirkey :)
It's a great ride and deceptively fast, just got back from handing my friends all their Dodge Challenger and Porsche asses.


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Aug 12, 2019
Thanks. I went to my local dealership and the salesman was helpful and took the time to explain everything. I Went with a convertible premium GT in magnetic grey including the 401a and active exhaust, safe and smart, B&O sound and performance since it’s a 3.73 rear. With xplan pricing it is 52 this one is spoiler delete, not sure I like that and I need to make sure it has rain sensing wipers


Jun 23, 2019
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Just my two bits but as a gt performance pack owner who also daily drives his mustang, don’t get the performance package unless you plan to track the car. I feel like I would have enjoyed the couple extra mpg more and that I dislike my engine floating above 2k rpms in sixth at highway speeds. I may very well be alone here but I think the performance pack detracts from the car as a daily.


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Aug 25, 2004
Hello Cg22,

It sounds like you ordered your car. I think the active exhaust is a great idea. You said with performance, so you ordered the performance package?

Last October I bought a 2018 GT with package 300A, the performance package, nothing else. I had rented a 2016 GT and liked it, but apparently the performance package gets you a loud exhaust. I didn't realize that when I bought it. It sounds fantastic but I would like to turn it down sometimes. So yes, get the active exhaust. I am going to look into retrofitting it on my car.

The Performance Package suspension is pretty stiff, although it has loosened up a bit in 12k miles. In Houston many of the streets are bad, so I think the Magnaride would be good if you have a PP car and anything less than perfect streets and roads.

I do intend to track the car when I have time.