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  1. hey everyone. Bought myself a mustang gt about 4 months ago, so i thought i would get on here to start talking to other people and get tips on future mods. I have a 2002 Mustang gt 5spd coupe. Has bbk intake, steeda underdrive pulleys, flowmaster straights, 75mm throttle body and longtube headers. I love the car to death. Great car. I dont think thats all it has on it though, thats everything i can view. I had it dyno'ed after i bought it and its running 329hp and 317tq. Maybe something done to the block? I really dont know??? :shrug:
    Unfortunetly, i got into a wreck with it about a month ago, and being 16, I dont exactly have enough money to get it back to its beauty. I was driving on the interstate and, get this, a girl who was just leaving the lisence place, thought i was far enough up in the left lane so she could get over to pass this other car... well i wasnt and she clipped my rear bumper causing me to spin right into the guard rails. And better yet.. the insurance is saying its my fault for the wreck so they wont cover it!! So ive had to put all my money towards getting a new rear bumper, trunk, quarter pannel, and rear window. Im still trying to talk the insurance into repaying what i've paid out of pocket but who knows. Heres a couple pictures of the car before and after. Cant wait to get to know you guys. Also, anyone on here around the st.louis/cape girardeau area missouri?
    The top is before and bottom after.. but you'll be able to tell :(

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  2. Welcome to Stangnet! :)