35th Anniv NEW to site !

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Yeah baby, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. Hi everyone, i'm new here and just wanted to say hello.


    (also trying to earn attachment priviledge)

    why does this rule exsist? whats the magical number?

    my little thing'ey say's "you MAY post attachments"

    but noooooooooo, i can't

    well, i'm here now and i have a 2001 zinc yellow V6 stock so i need lot's of help.......my dad will be spending the money, what should i get? let's seeeeeeeeeeeeeee, hahahaha :cheers:

    how do i talk him into a cobra? :spot:
  2. You might want to try the V-6 forums for help on your car.
  3. Disregard this post, just trying to figure out the smilies with java script :D

    Oh, welcome to the boards.
  4. welcome to stangnet:nice:
  5. I think you have to hit 30 posts.
  6. Don't mind me... trying to figure out how to post links.
  7. dont mind me either :nice:
  8. A cobra would be nice but if your dad doesn't want to fork out that much, try to find a 99+ GT. You could find one with decent mileage and price. they have plenty of power and can dip into the 13's bone stock (soft tires). Warning: DO NOT GET AN AUTOMATIC!!! Thats almost as bad as having a V-6
    (No offense)
    However, if you can find a cobra within your budget grab it!
  9. Firstly, original name....... :nonono:

    Secondly, auto's are only a tenth or so off from a well driven stick.
  10. sorry about the name man. anyways. My point was that manuals are just alot more fun to drive. Plus you have more control over the car, you are one with the car. Yes grasshopper you must feel the car! Be the car! MANUALLY SHIFT THE CAR!
    ok im gonna stop smokin the crack now.
  11. I'm just kidding about the name thing.

    Do you currently have your car with you? Or is it left at home?
  12. Why does Dad have to buy you a Cobra???