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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I've owned our '92 Fox Body for almost 2 - 3 years now, but am new to the forums. I live in the area of Midland/Odessa, Texas. I am honest enough to say I don't know squat about how to do work on cars, but that doesn't mean I don't love either of our 'Stangs any less! We've finally gotten to where we can begin to save some $$$ on the side, and can't wait to put it back into the fox...We haven't always been able to spoil as we would like, but it's been a great little car since we bought it.

    I recently taught myself to drive stick, and the fox body was the first car I learned in. I'm not the greatest driver yet, but I can get to work and back, and don't kill it anymore! Win!

    Anyway, since I have LOTS to learn, and would someday be able to be a girl who can handle working on her own stuff, I'm hoping I've come to the right place for advice and maybe even instructions lol.
  2. I found the original pics and little paragraph from when we bough the car. Just thought I'd ask for any opinions...although I think we have a pretty good foundation, I'd like to know what everyone else thinks :)

    Here's the info from the post:
    It has a T-5 WC 5 speed w/Hurst short throw, Steeda cam, BBK cold air intake, BBK shorty headers, BBK X-pipe exhaust, 70mm BBK throttle body and mass air flow, electric cooling fan, MSD coil. There are more minor changes. The motor was rebuilt 2 years ago, still standard bore. Transmission rebuilt at same time. Chassis has over 100K miles. There are some door dings and blemishes on body and fiberglass hood. Fairly new tires on Weld wheels.

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  3. Hiya and Welcome to Stangnet.

    I'm going to move your intro thread over to the Fox Body Talk section. There you will find more advice on what to do first and next, than you ever thought about or wanted. lol

    Once again, welcome aboard and good luck. :nice:
  4. Looks like a good foundation to me :nice:
  5. Yay! Thanks for all the welcomes and the advice in advance. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it . Althought there's lots we couldm think of as far as stuff we want, we're going to start with buying a new complete msd ignition kit, new valve cover gaskets, electric fan (old one went out), racket and pinion assembly to fix a power steering leak, and upgrading to an optima battery. I'm a little embarrassed to say I probably won't be doing the work myself because I use this as a daily driver for work, I plan to eventually do these things at home. Just need to keep working and making more money haha
  6. Save your money on the MSD ignition system unless you KNOW that there's something wrong with yours. The stock ignition system does very well and is able to support some pretty high power engine combinations.
  7. One thing I've noticed recently is that on hotter days, the car seems to have a slight surge on warm only lasts for maybe 10 secs when I start it right up. I usually just let it idle or give it a little gas and it'll clear up like nothing. Hoping to get that foxes before it gets worse. I live in an itty bitty town so running errands only takes like 30 minutes, but it makes for a couple warm starts. Could it be a vacuum leak, or how do I go about finding out?
  8. You had me at "girl who can handle working on her own stuff".

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  9. lol

    I'm just saying it'd be great if I didn't always have to make the hubby come home after a long day of work, just to be out in the yard getting frustrated with the car haha. I'll get there eventually :-D

    This car was the hubby's daily driver, but since we moved and he has a longer commute to work, we've pretty much switched cars. He admits it makes things easier now that I can get around. He wasn't sure he'd see the day when he'd pull up to the driveway to find the foxbody gone and me coming around the corner in it! haha I was so proud to have taught myself to drive finally this year.
  10. First off, welcome and nice fox!

    A great way to learn to work on cars is be there with your hubby when he works on it and have ice cold beer for him and hand him the wrenches and take notes. You will learn the technical terms of the parts and what tools are required to get the job done. You'll end up saying to yourself "this wasn't as hard as i thought" with most things.

    Good luck
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