New to stangnet. 2005 Mustang GT

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  1. Hey everyone, been on mustangforums for awhile now thought I would join this website also! Bought my mustang about 8 months ago and completely stock...

    Well here she is...




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  2. Nice looking ride man. Welcome to StangNet, how about you tell us about her?
  3. NICE WHIP!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks guys!

    Shes an 05 GT as the title stated, auto(for now) 32,000 miles(bought with 23,000 been doing a LOT of driving) Its got pype bombs, jlt cai, 89 tune, 19" staggered bullitts, lowered with tein s tech springs, and a few other goodies.
  5. That's gotta be the nicest red Mustang I've seen. I'm usually not a big fan of the excessive striping but the 45 degree angle slant on the front quarterpanel looks really nice.
  6. ^Wow man that's an awesome compliment didn't expect that haha

    Here's a few more..

    And if you were wondering yes it does say bad apple in the second picture but it's not candy apple red it's redfire but my ex got it for me because she thought it was cool so I felt like I had to put it on, but it is no longer there thank god.


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  7. I'd love a lower fascia like that on mine. But I don't think the hilly streets of the bay area and the horrible cresting/troughing roads would let me get away with it. The ground clearance would be murder. The look of the newer Mustangs are aggressive enough now, that I didn't feel compelled to shop around specifically for a hood scoop car. The lines look amazing without it. Not so much on the older models, but that's just my opinion.
  8. Yeah I hear you, I actually had to remove it to repaint it because it started chipping. Where in the bay do you live? I used to live in san jose.
  9. Pacifica