New to StangNet and New to S197

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by 053vstang, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Hello all, Im new to StangNet and new to the S197.

    Ive been a mustang fan for years, I absolutely love these cars. I love building em and watching em go faster and faster. Ive had several foxbodies, my last one ran [email protected], with 1.57 60ft, all motor. That car was so much fun on the street! I can only hope my S197 will be just as much fun.

    I bought my S197 in Oct 09. Took it to the track 2 weeks after I got it, ran a [email protected], with 2.70's 60ft times. I knew it was gonna be slow, but not that slow. This was with stock rubber at 32psi, and after the fact, I realized that I was getting the one wheel peel. So Im gonna have the rearend rebuilt and take her back this spring, hopefully with some different rubber as well.

    Since the track, Ive installed aftermarket double adjustable rear lower control arms, front and rear shock tower braces, a front a-arm brace and upgraded the front and rear swaybars. After all that, the car feels so much better, not to mention, wheel hop is almost non-existant.

    Got a few more upgrades coming this spring, then after the rear end is fixed, its back to the track!

    In the future, hopefully spring of 2011, I plan on running a whipple, that is until the bottem end gives out, then its time for the real fun!
  2. Looks like you've got some good things planned! Welcome! :)