New To StangNet..Just Wanted To Say HI

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  1. Hey im Ashley and i just wanted to say hi to everyone im new and just recently got a Laser RED 01' V6 stang which i might add is veryyy sexc! My b/f is also a member on this site HoustonGT :) and i know a few others but no sure about there s/n...Just wanted to say whats up and see what everyone's up to tonight!
    <3 Ash
  2. Hey you, welcome and itll be 2 nice stangs when i get my 99 Cobra this summer. Be nice to her guys :nice:
  3. Hey, Congrads on your stangs! Post some pics up. Welcome to Stangnet!
  4. This Thread is useless without pics
  5. Of the car or her?

  6. :rlaugh:

    Both! of her and the car....
  7. Read the first post again, im her BF so id appreciate it if youd show some respect, Thanks ass :mad:
  8. Hey man, don't get mad for she is here! You know what goes on when a girl logs on! I am sure that you have been there as well.

  9. True, but not when her BF posts too, he's bein kinda disrespectful. But hey its the internet, so meh :nice:
  10. Public Service Announcement:

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    This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the Integraholic.
  11. My bad, but can we still get some pics or wha? :stick:
  12. I have pics of my stang, they are a lil' dark but they will have to do for now..
  13. pics of you would be better....
  14. Aaaaaaaand...Mr.Leghumper himself decides to enter the room :nice:
    Haven't seen you over in 4.6 Talk in ages, where u been hangin out?
  15. Anywhere that a girl may be!
  16. Seriously, one pic of her isn't gonna hurt anyone :)
  17. leghumping starts ...... now
  18. REAL humping :nice:
  19. :cheers:

    ...Why doesn't this site have a "hump" smilie? :shrug: