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  1. I have 06 gt 5 speed manual with 35k. I bought it in may 2013 off the original owner. First time i drove it i new it needed to be quicker. I've done a couple mods to it so far. I installed air raid race cai with Bama tunes. Had 4.10 gears installed. Recently just bought kooks lt headers and carted x pipe not installed. Cars in storage for winter. I'm looking into buying fords hot rods cams, steeda under drive pulleys and motion delete plates. I'd like to get close to 350 at the wheels. More then likely stay all motor for awhile. Is 350 possible? If so what other mods should I look into. New to stangnet any advice would be great. Thanks guys appreciate it.
  2. I'd ditch the Hot Rods for a more aggressive cam choice for muscle assuming you're not going to SC the car down the line. You're also going to need fully ported cylinder heads to achieve your power goals.
  3. I imagine that those 4.10s with the 3.38 low gear of the TR3650 makes for a very short 1st gear!

    I think back in time .... and my '65 GTO had a great low gear with 4.10s, but it's 1st was only 2.20 .... that's not a lot lower than your Mustang in a second gear start.
  4. get the FRPP intake and brenspeed Detroit rocker cams. those with what you have already and a good tune should put you close to 350whp
  5. My '06 pulls 380 at the flywheel with C&L racer intake, Detroit Rocker cams, Kooks long tubes and a Brenspeed tune. That's, the supercharger grind cams, not even the naturally aspirated grind. Switch cams and pick up the FRPP intake manifold and throttle body. That'lol give you serious power from a naturally aspirated engine. If you want more power, don't waste your time on ported heads or anything else; bite the bullet and pick up a supercharger.
  6. 380 with just cams, LT's, CAI, and tune?
  7. Yup, at the flywheel. It's never been on a chassis dyno, but it should be at about 320 rwhp.