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  1. Hey there Mustang Enthusiasts!

    TMI Products Inc. is a family-owned company that was founded in 1982 when the Tuccinardi brothers began making Volkswagen door panels in their family garage in Torrance, California. We have come a long way in our near 30 years and now offer the most complete and accurate interior line available for both the Classic and Fox Body Mustangs.

    We made the decision to join up on Stang Net to both support our many Authorized Dealers who are already up and running strong on this forum, but also to make ourselves available for any questions you guys might have. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions, comments or criticisms you might have.

    Take a minute to view our profile and you'll find two albums filled to the brim with products we offer for the Ford Mustang!

    We definitely look forward to becoming a part of this forums community!

    Waylon Kain
    Sales Manager
    TMI Products Inc.
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  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome sir...
  4. Thanks guys! i was also going to say that if anyone would like to see a sample of any material to just shoot me a PM w/ the material and your address and i'll get one sent out!
  5. WELCOME TMI!!!!!!
  6. I have a suggestion for a new product for you. I have a 2011 GT, and like a lot of other owners am not thrilled with the seat bolstering. Is there any way to make a replacement seat cover that would add bolstering for lateral support, but not interfere with side air bags or seat heaters?
    I grew up wrenching on VWs, wish I still had my old Karman Ghia....
  7. Thanks Cap'n.

    We're always looking for input regarding new products! As of right now we're currently working on the SN95 1994-2004 Mustang Upholstery , everything from GT to Mach 1. So we're not quite to the 2011 juuuuust yet!