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  1. Hello everyone, new to Stangnet. I am the proud owner of my 2004 Mystichrome Cobra #837. Please like my fan page on Facebook. I'm interested in continuing my modifications to my car beyond the Kenne Bell 2.2. What size pulley should I go with to get 600 rwhp, right now I've got 3.5" and make 530rwhp. Thanks !
  2. Welcome to StandNet Mystichrome. Can't click Facebook links here at work, how about posting some pics?
  3. I've always wanted to ask....

    If you get a ding in the paint of a Mystichrome car.... What then?
  4. It isn't that hard to match the paint I hear. I will post some pics tomorrow.
  5. Actually the whole car has to b repainted is what my friend just found out on his 96 mystic...I guess the paints sprayed in layers so even if u jus redid a fender or smthn the paint wldnt flip on the same color as the rest....WEIRD AND EXPENSIVE

  6. That's kind of what I thought. :nonono:

  7. The Mystic from 96 may be different but Mystichrome I read elsewhere is not hard to match. Ill find out soon enough.
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  9. Such an awesome car.
  10. I'd be parking 1.5 miles from the nearest trailer park hooptie just to go into the store. :nice:
  11. Every time I go anywhere I park all the way at the back and it never fails, a POS finds me and parks right next to me.

  12. :lol: That is the truth. The ONLY time that 300 lb fat chick doesn't scrap like a chicken for that spot next to the front door feedbag is when ya park out in the ding toolies to keep her 82 camry away from you.