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  1. looking to meet more foxbody owners and learn more about repairs and installs.

  2. Welcome to Stangnet
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  3. Welcome to Stangnet.

    Look around our '79-'95 subforums, you'll be able to find most anything you want to know there.

    Feel free to comment on threads when you have a question or comment you'd like to make.

    Tell us about your mustang and post a picture or two for us.

    It's good to,have you with us.
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  4. Thanks man, happy to be here. A lot of forums no longer have decent participation and it makes it hard to stay interested.

    I’ve been a lurker on here and other related mustang sites in the past.

    Finally picked up my first foxbody this past year and am still trying to learn more about this platform and not the modulars I am more familiar with.
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  5. What did you get?
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  6. 92 lx
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  7. Nice, pictures please.