New to the 2.3 arena!

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  1. Hey, I just had to drop in and say hi! I just picked up my daughter a 93 LX hatch that has 112,000 on it, the body and interior is straight and clean! Everything in the car works awesome and it was a one owner car. I checked out the spare and the envelope was still sealed for the spare. The ashtray isn't broken, the a/c works and the center armrest even locks. Now I have a few questions for you guys. I own a 5.0 but don't know much of the 2.3L's. Can you give me a little insight on the motor and tranny? Once I get a picture I will post it. It's white with blue interior and runs like a champ. It may need a tranny or some tranny work soon but not sure yet. I got it for $1,900. Hey it's for a 16 yr old girl who already got a speeding ticket in my V6 Escape.

    Thanks for any info!

  2. If the car is an auto then you are doomed. The A4LD automatic transmisson is a POS, mine went at 100,000 miles. Most people have had about the same luck. Sorry :(
  3. Figures, but hey I will just have it rebuilt. Shouldn't cost that much? :shrug:
  4. OR swap in a 5 speed and enhance the fun, gas milage, and reliability of the car.

    But yeah, no fear of a "Rapid accelleration" ticket or a "Display of speed" ticket in the 2.3's (unless turbo) they will go about 105, so you can get a ticket. but around town they are painfully slow.

  5. I agree with the T-5 swap, that A4LD is crap I got one and its still running ok at 130k but I have to shift it manualy for it to run right. That T-5 will take a ton of abuse and keep on going. As for the 105, that is going down hill with the car floored :D I'm playing a 93' autos could do it but it needs a long runway to get that speed.
  6. It's for a girl. He needs a 3 speed to keep it under 55mph.
  7. :doh: I got carried away a tab bit .
  8. Yeah, don't get crazy on me, if I was to make it go fast I would of just let her drive mine! :D
  9. Yeah, shouldn't be too many worries about her speeding. She'll probably get bored before she reaches anything too high!

    Ha, just kidding. Actually I've gotten a few speeding tickets in my mustang. 35 in a 15, that's one you wouldn't expect :rolleyes:
  10. 112K! That is almost a third of the life span of that engine. My 91 turned 289K the other day and it has never been rebuilt. The A4LD is a bad device though. Mine (before I converted to a manual) was rebuilt twice and was going out a third time. The first time rebuilt cost 1200 dollars, and the second time was on warranty(the repair shop guaranteed their work). Manuals are more fun anyways.
  11. dang , why didnt any of the girls i knew when i was 16 drive a stang, i would be married by now! Well if your using it as a punishment for that speeding ticket, right on! lol , 2.3 stock its a leadsled , on the other hand...turbo' might sell your 5.0 for one after a ride or two. :p
  12. Speaking for the girls here,
    bite me.
  13. I had a 2.3L when i was 16.

    It was a 1990 2.3L with the lovely A4LD and a whopping 88HP!!! I needed a LOOOOONG flat stretch of road to get that baby to see 75MPH!! It would never go any faster
  14. I wouldn't tell a guy that, it may not be recieved the way it was sent ;)
  15. my first stang was a 2.3 auto slow as hell. but fun.
  16. Why do youll seem to think that the a4ld is a bad tranny. I have a 93 with about 140k on it and the transmission is just fine. All you need to do is take care of it. You know change the fluid and filter. Dont power brake it. Dont let it shift hard. I dont see why you all say he need to do the swap. I mean the car has 105 or less HP.

    here read up on it some.

  17. I don't think many of us are in the habit of babying our cars 100% of the time. :spot:
  18. I don't think many of us are in the habit of babying our cars 100% of the time.

    Dont get me wrong. i have run it hard when the time comes. But get real... its not a sports car. It a 4 bangger.... with 105 HP..... If you take the a4ld to 5.5 grand and shift, it gets hard on the tranny. and most people dont change their fluid. All i was saying is take care of it and it wont let you down.
  19. I can see your point on this, most people who own a auto never change there filter, flush the trans, or change the fluid out until it finnaly craps out on them and its to late :)

    I would also have to agree with the other guy that most people like ME never or barely drive there cars right :) My 93' 2.3 LX w/A4LD has been through some hell with me and at 130k it moves pretty good except the fact I have to shift it my self 100% of the time. I really think that it my be a outside matter and not a internal problem I need to address on it.
  20. top speed

    I have stock 87 lx 4bannger that does well over 105 mph!!!! I raced a 98 grand prix gt(a frind of mine to see who was faster) on the highway and his car shut off at 115 and pulled away from him and still had half of 5th gear!!!! he had fast acceleration but chould not pass 115 due to the computer shut off!!!