New to the 2005 world...advice needed!

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  1. Just picked up a 2005 V6 last night, and I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice as to what I can do to make the car any better (I've been on the 5.0 board for a while, and what I'm talking about is on the 5.0, the first thing you do is remove the air silencer to help it breath better). Also, is there anything I need to look out for? I got the extended warranty (the car has about 4,000 miles on it) so hopefully I'm good to go for a while.

    Also, this car has the door guards (in the middle of the door) for some reason. Can I remove these without damaging the door and/or paint?


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  2. Is that a Lease Return ?

    Wheels man >>>> WHEELS!

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  3. Congratulations and welcome to the forum. I would go with a tuner first, to get rid of the throttle lag. SCT and Diablo seem to the ones everyone reccomends, due to thier high degree of functionality. I got mine for under 500 bundled with the AFE CAI. I know there are several sites that bundle them with CAI's, look for those. Here are some reccomendations:

    1. Tuner
    2. Wheels/Tires
    3. CAI (or bundled with Tuner)
    4. Exhaust (lots and lots of threads on this)
    a. GT take off muffler is the cheapest and gives good sound
    b. GT take off mufflers with GT take off pipes custom installed (or use JBA, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Etc. mufflers)
    c. Dual kit (JBA, MAC, Magnaflow)
    5. FR TLOK or Detroit TruTrac or other limited slip diff
    6. Gears

    Of course there is Nitrous, SC, etc. For exhaust surf the forum, there is a ton on it. And the usual appearance mods, fogs, louvers, stripes, hood scoops, body kits, etc.

    Good luck and welcome to :SNSign: .
  4. Yep!

    I cant believe that someone hasnt built an inexpensive plug-in module that addresses JUST the thottle lag problem alone ... :bang:

    its complete > crapola < They could make a killing!
  5. Hmm, the jet module is a plug in, I wonder if that will do it.

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    Welcome to the 2005 Forum Stang1986..(Request a User Name Change now!!!) You have the door guards because it was a fleet vehicle, probably a Previous Daily Rental. The guards reduce the amount of door dings for the rental companies like Hertz. Taking it off will really depend on how it is mounted. If it is a standard plastic pin mounted guard, that will entail removal of the trim, mounting plate and then a touch up, wet sand and buff/wax.

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  12. One of the first mods Id reccomend is shortening the antennae down to around 8".. I think they're too ungainly and its free. There's no HC trap on the car like there was in early model GTs, so thats not an issue. If you like fogs check out the "Mr. Wick" fogs method, its around a $20 mod that I think looks great. I know Ive posted pics up here before of mine.

    Those are the only cheap, free, quick mods I can think of right now.. but if I think of any Ill definitely let you know.
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  14. The Bullitt GT take offs with tires are going for real cheap these days on ebay. I know they are stock but they definitely give the car that mustang look.
  15. Telling us to invade the GT forum is definitely the wrong thing to do. I don't visit the GT forums because I don't have a GT. It's pretty simple. I usually don't say much but it really, really gets old. If you want to do something positive, nuke the "get a V8" comments as soon as they happen, and give the user a warning. That will stop them quick. I can't believe you would suggest us invading another forum to start a flame war. :nono:
  16. I'd have to agree I'm not about to go trolling in the GT forums, my love is for all mustangs, so I am not going to condone bashing any mustang owner. But foose hasn't responded, so he/she either saw all the activity in here and decided to let it go or it was a one off account (only three posts).

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    What I am getting at is simple. I learned a long time ago that when you are the new guy some where, you should always spend the first few months with your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. Might I suggest at least 6 months to a year for you?


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