New to the 2005 world...advice needed!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by stang1986GT, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. You mods are too easy. If I saw this first I would have banned him, deleted the post and never looked back.


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  2. drop a S/C 4.6 in yours *evil grin*
  3. Or a 1000 shot of nawz.......:D

  4. stang1986GT,

    Congrats on your new Stang :nice:

    I like the color.

    Aside from the tiny peepee comments about the V-8 and the resulting discussion there are some very knowledgeable regulars in this forum that can give you all kinds of great advice.


  5. Your bodyside moldings are put on with 2 sided foam tape. There was one with the same paint scheme as yours in the body shop where my 65 is and they pulled right off. Then you have to use some 3M adhesive remover to get the rest of the tape off, then probably wax the car really well. It looks much better. Also, he had the mirrors and the rocker panels painted Mineral Gray to match, looked awesome.
  6. See there's some of that good advice :nice:
  7. I really like those wheels on ur stang, they are the same one's I have.
    Why spend 800 bucks on more rims that everybody else seems to already have or want?

    be sure and change ur oil since it was a rental if they haven't already.

    poor guy your thread looks hijacked.
  8. Nah, not hijacked. I mean, it's the Internet...these guys that say "drop a V-8 in it" probably are driving beat up Chevettes. Doesn't bother me. I've got an '86 GT, and to tell you the truth, I think the V6 has the same or more horsepower from what I've read and with some gears, it will feel much stronger than the '86. So I've got the best of both worlds.

    From what I was told, this was a fleet car, but it was driven by Ford employees to get the car out on the road and get people excited about them. Whoever drove it took really good care of it, as the other on I drove (identical to it) that was a fleet vehicle they had was already ragged out at 6,500 miles (rotors needed turned, didn't feel the same shifting, etc.)

    As for the door moldings, I can see the two sided tape, but I'm just worried about screwing up the paint. I guess if I took a real sharp razor blade, I could score the tape to get the molding off and then take 3M adhesive remover and get the rest of it off carefully, as someone else stated. I just think it would look so much better.

  9. The old GT's are great cars :nice: , and easy to mod. I'm actually thinking about gettting a 88 or 89 GT to restore, and to use as my off road racer.

    Now, about the modlings, if you don't want to risk it you may just want to take it to a body shop. I agree, it will look better if you take them off.
  10. 3M makes a Citrus Bases Adhesive Remover / pn 6040-6042 / that supposedly will do the trick ...

    Just go slow and dont use a razor blade!

    hth ~
  11. DON'T use a razor blade, you WILL damage paint. Peel the molding off and use that 3M Adhesive remover or Goo Gone. It will come off without damage.
  12. Great advice...point taken! So the 3M or Goo Gone won't hurt the clear coat or the paint, right?
  13. You guys have taken a small comment a little too far. I didn't imagine it would cause this much commotion. Obviously I struck a nerve with a few of you and if I have offended anyone, I am sorry. I hope we can all look past this and bury the hatchet. - Chip
  14. didn't bother me a bit > :fuss:

    Now, how about making a cool V6 Twin Turbo `Stang with your patented custom touches?

  15. Oh Crap!!!! This is the real Chip Foose??????? :hail2: I guess there is always a suprise somwehre. Well as you can see, it is a touchy subject around here....but it appears to be resolved......, any projects for the 4.0?????
  16. If that's the real chip foose Ill key my car.
  17. MRT will be coming out with a twin turbo kit for the v6, I don't know anything more then it made 350hp on the dyno. I haven't received clarification if that was at the crank or wheels, what boost level and on what kind of fuel and what, if any other mods... am waiting for more info...

  18. Yea, I just pulled all his posts, not very technical or note worthy.
  19. There is something note worthy about his IP address. He shares it with another user name. Maybe I can kill two birds with one ban :nice: