New to the boards. Bought 1999 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Blown99Snake, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Just bought a 1999 Black Cobra with 16,900 miles in Mint condition.
    Today, I placed a nice little parts order consisting of the following:
    (4) 18x9 Chrome 2003 Cobra SVT Wheels
    (1) Set Steeda Sport Springs
    (1) MAC ProChamber
    (1) Set MIL Eliminators
    (1) MAC Cold Air Intake

    Sold my Blown 2001 GT last year and really missed it so bad, I bought the Snake. Great to be a part of the boards guys & gals. :flag:
  2. sweet rides and welcome
  3. awesome ride and parts list. you are heading in the right direction.
  4. How do you like the cobra compared to the blown gt???? That IRS is awesome isn't it. I love mine....welcome....put a blower on the cobra and you'll be set
  5. Nice list you got goin and weclome aboard :nice:
  6. Welcome. Nice mod list. These cars are awesome, despite all of the hoopla about the low horsepower numbers. Make sure it's had "the fix" and you'll be good to go. Add 4.10-4.30 gears to your mod list :hail2: .
  7. Welcome to the fold! Shoot me a PM when you're ready for a name change. :D
  8. Welcome to the boards.


  9. Wms Cai

    Hey naz, is the wms cai worth it. Some guys say waste of money, others say yes. How much HP did you actually pick up, peak, and throughout the range. I have a C&L kit on now, I've heard some lousy things about this kit. If I switch to a wms kit, will it make a difference compared to the C&L kit. What I mean is, will the wms kit give more HP than the C&L kit.

    Mod's are 99 cobra with 35k, 4:10's, centerforce dual fx clutch, eibach pro-kit, pro-5 shifter, BBK TB(what a wast of money), C&L 80mm mass air kit, chipmaster revolution 3 prog flip chip, Bassani x with cats and cat-back, tuned by [email protected] 300rwhp, 292rwt(SAE)
  10. As far as the WMS goes, on MY CAR with MY MODS the FOTP is there. It replaced a Densecharger and 80mm Pro-M and I can tell the diference in the TOP end. I did some very in-formal testing with a Mr. Dyno just for the heck of it and the Performance computer confirm it mild gains from about 2500RPMS and larger gains from 5000K and up. Subsecuent test, with the DS/80mm and back to the WMS/95mm were the same.

    I should have some good dyno data by the end of the month and I'll post some more info.

    As far as the C&L, I too, have heard mix results. Some like it some dont. For each his own. Me personally, like the Pro-M best.

  11. Awesome car dude.....congratulations. Just don't buy anything from MAC get what you pay for.