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Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Steve '05, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Hi folks,

    Bought my Windveil Blue '05 V6 coupe around 6 weeks ago & am loving it :D !!

    Joined the Saskatoon Mustang & Classic Ford Club a couple of weeks ago - great bunch of people - & have been to a few shows with them already. My kind of people, get to where you're going & get the beer out (providing not driving soon after of course :nono: ).

    I'm a Brit in Canada :canada: (hey how come there's no british flag for me to wave on here :shrug: ?).

    This is my 1st Mustang as they're not freely available in the UK :notnice: . I'm still into my little British Sports cars, mainly MG's, but I do like the stang.

    Anyhow I've waffled on for quite long enough now :rolleyes: so I look forward to talking to you all later.

  2. I've got a Windveil Blue V6 also and love it. Welcome.
  3. Thanks for the welcome Stan.
  4. Welcome to Stangnet :nice:
  5. Welcome Steve...Enjoy your new Pony...and have a Cold Thick Pub Draught for me :cheers: !


    Oh and here you go! A big British Welcome!

  6. Thanks for the welcome Duner & Jennifer - the union jack was especially appreciated :cheers: .
  7. hey i thought i was the only brit!! i love stangs too, what they like to drive?

    oh and welcome :)
  8. Hi stang dreamer, sorry but now there's 2 limeys on the board :) . Are you still in the UK?

    The '05 stang is a nice drive - well suited to the straight, long, long roads around here.

    I thought I'd do a comparison against the car I had in the UK (2003 MG TF :hail2: - for those not familiar with the newer MG's the TF is a 2 seater roadster, around the same size as the Mazda Miata only better looking, quicker & better made );

    Power - the stang has 210hp versus the 160 of my TF but doesn't feel as fast. The TF though does not weigh very much so it's power to weight ratio is better. Top speed of the TF 142Mph, 0-60mph 6.9seconds, for the stang 110Mph (presume its limited :notnice: ), 0-60mph 6.9seconds. That being said the stang does not need to be revved that much to get the power so is a more relaxing place to be.

    Handling - sorry folks but the TF wins hands down here. Mid engined, rear wheel drive, fully independent suspension all round. No contest. The stang by comparison feels a bit too soft for my personal preference (though I'm sure some aftermarket springs will help matters). That being said the TF thrives on the twisty roads found in the UK (& europe) but that type of road just doesn't exist around here.

    Ride comfort - this is where the stang scores one back. Due to the softer suspension settings the stang simply absorbs the majority of bumps in the road (apart from a series of bumps where the solid rear axle just can't keep up). Given the number of potholes & gravel roads round these parts this is a very good thing :nice: .
    The TF had a very firm ride that, had I kept it, I would have wanted to fit some progressive springs to help things along a bit.

    Interior - on comfort it's a tie between the 2 cars. Both seats are nice to sit on for long distances & fairly supportive for cornering. It has to be said that the quality of plastics used on the dash etc is not as good in the stang - not a criticsm of the car itself just an observation on how the materials used by the car manufacturers on each side of the atlantic differ - the leather covers that will be fitted to the '07 Shelby should sort that out though.

    As I said at the beginning the stang is very well suited to the road conditions over here & I do enjoy driving it :banana: . I'm just not sure I'd take it with me if I ever returned to the UK, at least not without some suspension mods 1st.

    Do I miss my TF? For sure it's a great car :hail2: .
    Do I like my Mustang? Oh yes :hail2: :canada: :flag: :hail2: !!