New To The Forum, And New To Mustangs

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  1. Just picked me up a 1991 5.0 5 speed LX foxbody vert. so I figured I'd join the forum. It's Black with grey/black interior. I'll probably post some sort of a basic build thread eventually once I start getting my parts in, and hopefully hit the track soon. I have always been a sports car guy, but after switching over to rwd I will never go back. It's my first mustang, and I DD it, but still plan to built it up and make it quick.

    what it's got (so far):
    e303 cam
    bbk headers and exhaust
    wider throttle body (cant remember size..gotta measure)
    bored .030 over
    a lot more I'm missing

    right now it's got 20 inch Cobra Rs on it (which are obnoxiously big), and once I get new tires for the draglites (shown in the 2nd pic) they are coming off

    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. welcome aboard, nice looking ride!
  3. Great looking vert wish the paint on my fox looked that good.
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  4. It looks much better in the pics than in person lol. It's far from perfect but still looks beautiful from 10ft away
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  5. do you guys know of a place to get a pair of 265/50/15 tires that aren't rated for like 90mph? I can't find anything anywhere in that size. I'm only going with that because that's what the draglites have on them now but they are bald, and that's also what I read is the widest you can fit without removing the rear shocks
  6. Mine is about a 60 footer haha
  7. Welcome to the forums.
  8. that's how most of my old cars have been haha. I always buy cars that need work and usually have body damage. I like having stuff to fix up and knowing I can make profit off any car I own. I also don't want to be the one to put the first scratch or ding on whatever I buy lol