New to the forum... help me decide...


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Feb 17, 2019
Rochester ny
Hi everyone!!! Thanks for having me (and all us new members!!!) So I'm at a cross roads... I've owned many of cars including 3 mustangs (built forged internals yellow 2001 procharged mustang cobra convertible, red 1990 351w swapped bored and stroked notch back and a 1995 built 306 mustang gt/gts) and its finally time to get back in the game, or is it... so I have 2 girls an 8 year old and an 18month old... I LOVE the coyotes and all the mustangs 15 and newer and am at a point where I can get one as were putting our truck and camper purchase on hold for a few summers until my wife is home from her upcoming deployment. My questions are for those of you who have kids that ride in the back... they both fit (kind of) the car seat is behind the passenger seat and my 8year old rides behind me, but it's getting tight... I'm only 5'11 so I'm looking for thoughts and opinions... I'd love a MANUAL fun sports car but I ain't wearing no bowtie!!! So it's Down to the mustang and a challenger scatpack (looking to stay 30ish k or less) any input or suggestions would be great. It wont be the only family transport, but I'd to go to car shows cruises ice cream and dinner with em.... thanks guys and gals!!!
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I didn't really have an issue with the stink...
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Mar 2, 2015
Im 6' wife is 5'7. My 12 year old 5'5 can sit comfortably behind my wife. There is no way anyone is sitting behind me. My seat is all the way back....but my legs are long. I'd say go to a dealer and feel it out. My ecoboost is loads of fun...but there's more back seat room in my 88 notch back. There's only ( maybe ) 3 inches between the back of my seat and the rear seat.


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Apr 15, 1999
Bloomfield, CT
My Chrysler Crossfire was more user-friendly for back seat passengers than my Mustang - and it was a two-seater. It isn't just the legroom (which sucks). Kids can do it for a while, but it's a tight squeeze.


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Jan 7, 2018
Central Florida
That seat is only for your insurance company. The car makes you money on every renewal because of that seat. If you really need to use that seat, maybe you are the right person to buy a new four door mustang when they come out, presumably next year. I'm thinking they will stretch it a little for another inch or two of leg room.