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  1. Hello All, I just wanted to introduce myself as a new S-197 owner. I posted in the Welcome Wagon but I also wanted to say hello in the forum I will be spending the most time in.

    I recently picked up a Manual 2012 Mustang GT Premium in Yellow Blaze Metallic.

    Upgraded packages include the Brembo Brake Package with 3.55 gears, Black Ford Racing track pack wheels, Electronics Package, and Premium Trim with white color accent.




  2. Hello and welcome
  3. Welcome!

    Beautiful car! I don't think I've ever seen that color in sunlight (a rare commodity here); I like how it pops, at least in the pictures.

  4. Thanks man! The color looks even better in person because of how the tones change as you walk around it. It definitely stands out in a parking lot :)
  5. Husky, I thought we were #TeamGrabberBlue. What's going on?

    Welcome to the forum, FireStorm.
  6. (shhh, we have to encourage people to buy other colors to maintain our exclusivity.) :D

    I didn't say it was the most beautiful color, or the fastest. :stig:

    GB FTW!
  7. Awesome car man! Great wheels on there! Welcome to the site

    -Nick C.
  8. Thanks guys
  9. Welcome from Kansas. Nice!