New to the forums, not new to Mustangs :P

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  1. Hello. I'm Nick from Northwest Indiana. I've had my Stang for a little more than a year now, and just rolled over 140,000 miles on it. I was on the Modded Mustangs forums for about the same time I had the car, but I never really felt at home there like I did on the Jeep Forums or Milsim paintball forums. I'm hoping this is better. Hopefully you guys can help me out on my turbo engine build I'm planning when I graduate from Lincoln Tech. My goal is 400-450hp, but I'm still open to all ideas on getting me to that hp goal at a reasonable price.
  2. welcome to the forum, easiest way I would to get over 400hp is to purchase the new 5.0
  3. What year Stang? I would have a hard time justifying the expense and trouble of a turbo for a mere 400 HP. You can build an N/A stroker to reach that goal if you've a mind to.

    Oh... and you and Lava must be polar opposites. He's not new to the site but doesn't know shi* about Mustangs! Coinkidink? :D

    Juss kiddin Lava. :hide:
  4. :mad:

    LoL, you're not completely lying though only thing I can do is change my oil....I leave the rest for the mechanic aka, Father-n-Law....I do the majority of stuff just with direction :D
  5. Lol. I've got a 96. I was looking at on3performance's kit. It's about $1800 for the bare basics of the kit, but I've heard mixed comments about it. Quite a bit of people like the setup so far, said it was easy to install, so on and so forth. Others say that the material is junk, the fitment is off, it's ebay crap, ect. But those that talk bad about the kit usually aren't the ones that have it, so I thought I might give it a chance. I'm also going to get new pistons and connecting rods, along with either PI heads and 14cc dished pistons, or port out my NPI heads and go with 11cc dished pistons. Then throw in a good cam and it should be all good. Basically my whole goal is to get as much power as I can without having to get a beefier trans.
  6. Oh, and sorry for posting the thread twice. My internet was freaking out.
  7. Honestly, if you're going to do ALL OF THAT to the motor and then add a turbo ontop to get just 400 hp then my suggestion would be to get into the forum a bit more before you buy anything.

    For that kind of money, you can get into a 4 valve motor and have that 400HP on demand without the headaches of a turbo kit.
  8. I just want to make sure the rods and pistons stay under the hood and not in my lap. I was thinking about an N/A setup too. You think the stock bottom end can hold 10psi and 400hp? Because if it can I'll just leave it be. 4v sounds like a good idea too, but I've never really seen them for sale. I've also thought about getting the Trick Flow 2v top end kit and a bottom end kit that would get me to 301 or 295 depending on if I want to go .020 overbore, but the turbo is cheaper and I don't have to tear my engine out.