New to the stang world with a 93 lx 331

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  1. Hey all, after being a die hard F-body fan for 5+ years i finally broke down and got myself a mustang! Not completely new to Fords, i had a f250 on 54's before this. Im from missouri but will be moving to nola next month. I own a beautiful 93 lx with a 331 stroker and im loving it so far. I will probably have quite a few questions as this is my first mustang. thanks for reading..on to a few pics:nice:




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  2. Damn nice looking ride! You should come tell us about your combo in 5.0 talk.

  3. Wow, that's a sweet paint job. Tell us about the 331.
  4. Welcome that's a nice looking ride you got.....Are those flames painted on or just a vinyl decal?
  5. That's a joke, right? I've never seen a vinyl decal anything like that if you're serious.
  6. Nah not joking, I've seen some pretty insane vehicle wraps that you would of thought they were painted on but weren't. I'm amazed at the work they do with them now adays. Looking at his car I assume they're painted on, but I always like to ask a question then assume that's what it is.
  7. The flames are airbrushed its a real work of art,there are a bunch of skulls hidden throught the flames and there is a flaming cobra on the hood. Here is a short list of the setup as I am on my phone. The 331 has AFR 165's, gt40 upper and lower, custom grind cam spitting out a little over 400 to the wheels and backed by a T3550.
  8. Not a fan of flames...but as far as flames go, those are some of the best I've seen. With a look like that, I sure hope it's got the attitude to back it. :nice:

    ...and hey, who's the fake Gearbanger??? ^^^^
  9. I wasn't a fan either but when I saw this I had to have it,pictures really do it no justice. Its got some bite to back its bark for sure.
  10. I've seen something similar to that on a lowrider s10 b4, those hidden skulls look beast (can't see it on them wonder if you could get a up close pic to get it to come out). Sounds like some expensive airbrushing (that's why I always ask the question paint or vinyl because some ppl save a couple dollars instead of doing it up right), but real nice.
  11. I will take few close up pics, I find new skulls everytime I wash the car. BTW this car is forsale if anyone is interested...I'm constantly looking for something new.