New to this part: 2.3 Mustang turbo kits???

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  1. I've been on classic forums for a while but new to this part. Basically looking for some info on 2.3 liter turbo kits available for a 1990 Mustang which I'm getting free from my grandfather and may be a future father/son project. Car has a 4sp auto trans i believe w/ the 2.3 liter for that year I think rated a whopping 88hp.
    Anyone know where or if turbo kits are available for this vehicle? :nice:
  2. You don't want to put a turbo on that particular engine. It has weak cast pistons and will never have the power or reliablity you want (trust me, I've been there).

    The best thing to do, is swap in a factory turbo engine. You'll start with around 190hp and it's easy to increase from there. This is a very well documented swap, so just start searching online and reading Good luck.
  3. +1 According to what i've read, your best bet would be to get a turbo four banger out of a t-bird Turbo Coupe or Mustang and transplant it.:nice:
  4. correct me if iam wrong but could he still use the stock block and crank he has. i know he would have to get pistons, a turbo head and tap holes for the oil lines. pluse a new maf/vain air meter and ecu.
    the reason i ask is cause he would most likely have to rebuild a turbo 2.3 block any ways. right?

    me and my buddy rebuilt our 2.3 turbo block useing piston we got from diamond pistons i believe they where under a 1k with rings ect. there some special alloy thats spouse to stand up to boost better then the stock turbo pistons. i can help him get a reman turbo head with cam for around 220$ plus shipping.
  5. he could, but after all the time and effort that would take he could easily swap in a turbo motor for less money and headache.
  6. No, there are no actual turbo kits available for 2.3L Mustangs.

    You know what I would do to the 2.3L Fox3? Nothing. Use it as a semi-economical parts runner and enjoy your fastback as the weekend hotrod. Maybe put a T5 behind the 2.3, but not much beyond that.

    The non-turbo 2.3 is not a good candidate for the turbo hardware. The cast pistons are short-lived on a diet of boost. Realistically you need all the turbo parts, turbo ECU, some rewiring, turbo pistons, and an intercooler to make it worthwhile. It is usually more convenient to just do a whole 2.3T engine swap.

    I have a '94 Toyota 2.4L 5-spd pickup base model I use in the same way. It's not a hotrod and I don't treat it like one. It treats me back with 28-31mpg and a comfortable way to get from A to B.