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  1. my toolbox finally comes tomorrow :-D. i ordered a MATCO 8525. its a double bay box, about 56" wide. ive been waiting for a month and a half for it to come in. the cool thing about MATCO is that everything is customisable. the color of the box, the color of the handles, the drawer configuration, the casters and the top. i got mine all black withblack handles, a black corian laminate top, and 1500lb capacity casters with a total capacity of 6,000lbs. i got tired of trying to cram everything into my Snap-On cart. whats scary is that ill probably be able to fill this box up completely. and need to order ad-ons.

    before i get flamed, i work with my tools everyday. yes i couldve gotten a craftsman for about 1/6th the price of the MATCO, but the quality differential is massive. the equivalant box from craftsman was about $1100. so do some quick math and you know how much ive spent. i looked at Snap-On and MAC boxes, but the MATCO one was a lot cooler, plus the truck driver had the exact same one i wanted on his truck just in a different color. ill post up pics when i get a chance.

    think about it this way. the amount ive spent on this box, i couldve built a forged stroker motor with ported heads and big cams. so you can see why im a little excited about finally getting it.
  2. Holy ****nit....must be nice to have that much expendible income.
  3. thats like the one i got, the one i got was more than that. change the 5 to a 6 and there ya go. this kids, is why it costs so much to get your car worked on.
  4. Seriously!!! What makes that toolbox worth $5360?!

    Does it come with one of these attached ????
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    LOL mine is Walmart special dude..
  5. Wow man! If you got the money and a reason for it, more power to you. I guess I don't make enough money to spend that on a toolbox....but then again I don't work with tools everyday. I could buy a nice used boat for that much money!
  6. my god, that toolbox better have a tv inside with an xbox and full collection of **** to make it worth that much. Otherwise I dont think i could justify spending that kind of money on a place to put my tools....
  7. My mechanic friend has like a 12,000 dollar toolbox setup...Its beautiful but way more then i'd ever spend...but then again i don't have 20,000 dollars worth of tools to house either nor do i make 80,000 a year using those tools so I don't mess with him.
    I would one day like to have a really nice area for my toolbox's and tools...
  8. I think for a professional mechanic $6000 is probably pretty average for tool box.

    Sounds like a nice one :nice:
  9. Nice man, will be nice to have all those quality tools. Do you have any pics of your car also? Also what is the benefit of the cobra steering rack?
  10. Your box is cool and looks nice!

    A mechanic I used to work with had a $30,000 crazy custom airbrushed Snap On toolbox. It was absurd. It had a keyless entry, alarm, and you could push a button and certain drawers would come out. It was crazy. But that was a bit much ..
  11. When i graduate tech school, Matco and Snap on have offered all tech school students a one time only 50% off on an order of any of there tools.

    So im waiting until i graduate to place a huge order myself :)
  12. I could have KB'd my car for that price. I probably wouldn't have had the tools to install it though.:D
  13. friggin awesome man. thats exactly the box i want. Matco, in my opinion, is hands down the best manufacturer of boxes. i bought a cheapy craftsman box right out of school (3 months ago, lol) for ~$600 and that baby is filled to the brim already. congrats on that toolbox. it is indeed one to be desired. hey, i have a perosnal question for ya. do you insure your tools? i was thinking about it, but i only have ~4k worth right now, not enough for a real policy i would assume. :shrug: who do you use?

    guys for those of you who dont understand this purchase, its big. its like working in a corporate job, and being given an office after 5 years in a cubicle. congrats man, im happy for you :hail2: a technician w/o his tools is just a diagnostician. not too much good. think about it, you cant even perform a simple oil change w/o the right tools. tools for a technician are as important as computers to a geek, land to a realtor, pencils to a student, a necktie to Bill Gates. tools can make or break a tech. its also a good insurance policy. think about this. if a thief breaks into a shop at night, which tool box do you think he's gonna wheel out? a 5k lb bouble wide box with locking casters and steel reinforced locking drawers? or a 1k lb stack on craftsman that wobbles back and forth when you push it?
    tools are expensive too, especially if you buy quality. for example, i was pricing a set of double box end extra long wrenches the other day (next tool purchase) from Snap On and the smallest wrench, 10mm one side and 12mm on the other, was $33. the biggest size, 17mm and 19mm was $58! thats $90 for two wrenches, and you still wouldnt have the whole set. you really want to protect your investments.
  14. cobra steering rack, i called my supplier and it was cheaper than one for my car, it was also designed for 275width wheels.
    i still need to play with teh coilovers. havent had a lot of time to sit and spin the spring for an hour.

    pics of my car

  15. right now, i have a list of everything in my box in my file at my work. i have prices for what i paid for everything too. my employer provides it for me. we have security cameras. also the box has laser cut keys, they are considered "unpickable."

    the MATCO ones are a lot better made. i probably couldve KB'd my car for that, however a KB isnt gonna help me make money. plus the quality of the craftsman boxes is meh at best, even the prefessional line. there are a lot of little things that make the box nice. it came with liners, and it came with a cover. covers are nice because well, like a car you dont want it to get dirty. also teh corian laminate top is really nice. the downside is that you cant put a top section on it. its ok cause i plan on getting a triple bay bottom and top combo next in addition to this within a few years. plus if someone tried to steal it, the box has a serial number thats entered with MATCO with my name, plus it has a plaque with my name on it.

    also when you step up and buy the good stuff, you cant really look at the price. i dont think much of spending $400 for a socket set, if it can help shave 20 minutes off a job. or like i just got a $250 tool for taking rotors off of 90-97 honda accords. normally it takes about 40-50 minutes of hard labor on each side with a slide hammer. this tool lets it take 5 minutes with turning a wrench total. so you do a few of those and it makes sense why you spend the money.
  16. heres it 3 years ago and running out of room. could have put a good downpayment just the box alone on a new evo 9 with this crap. you think we get paid well, but if you think of all the tools we have to buy each and every year and our pay as a profession, it SUCKS! when customers ask for favor, youll know why i open my hand before i lift a tool. dont you know were all snapcases. rofl.
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