New Top Is Installed(pics)

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  1. i just got the 89 back from the shop. i think i made the right decision with the stayfast.

    027.JPG 029.JPG 032.JPG
  2. I like that it looks good. Can't wait to get mine done but my painter wants me to wait until he has the paint done.
  3. Looks great! This is next on my list.
  4. thanks. any suggestions on colour of the door handles and mirrors? black or blue
  5. black. please.
  6. The top looks Great!!! BLACK on the mirrors and handles! When I see them body color I think "Lazy painter"
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  7. Looks good. If you don't mind me asking, how much did the new top and install cost?
  8. How much did your paint job cost and what area are you in?
  9. thanks, i was thinking black aswell. i bought the top for 700 and had it installed for 800. paint job was initially quoted for 2000 but ended up costing 3000. im in brampton ontario canada
  10. few more pictures. i wasnt really sure where i was going with the centre console idea when i started, thinking about just putting the stock one back in. what do you guys think? to over the top for a fox body? thanks again
    005.JPG 003.JPG
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  11. Don't you just hate that body shop dust?!
  12. i like the center console i can see a big ipad in there very cool
  13. Not in a convertible. That thing would be gone in no time!! Lol
  14. On my SN the mirrors were a flat black. Painted them to match. Much better looking in IMHO>

    painted mirror2.jpg.JPG Painted mirror 1.jpg.JPG