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  1. Does anyone have this supercharger yet? I just noticed 3 new videos posted on YouTube and Tork Tech's site . Tork Tech also has the complete installation instructions on their site as well. I would love to hear from anyone who has installed this on their 99-04 GT.
  2. I've been really interested in this kit lately too. I'm shootin' for 400hp and this looks right up my alley I just haven't heard about alot of customers. Anyone rockin' the intercooled kit and loving/hating it?
  3. I posted up a question about the difference between their "5th generation" M112 Eaton and a 03 cobra M112 - cuz it seems like the way to go would be finding a ported 03 cobra blower and using that instead of using the $999 upgrade TVS one, cuz i think a stock eaton would be too modest for my future goals.
  4. There is no question in my mind that the ic kit will get my car at the 390-400hp level but I would love to here from anyone who has actually installed the kit themselves. I've had a really quick response to my questions from Bill so at this point I'm planning to buy the Tork Tech when I'm ready either way.
  5. From their website "Tork Tech is using Magnuson MP112 superchargers in their kits, NOT Eaton superchargers!" IMO porting an eaton from a cobra will not give you the results you are looking for over the MP 112 Magnuson that comes standard with the TT kit. You should check out the FAQ on the Tork Tech site, very good read IMO, lots of details on their kit and it shows the clear difference between the two blowers. The more I read the more I like but they are trying to sell a product like everyone else so I try to keep that in mind too:)

    Tork Tech - FAQ
  6. That is a good FAQ. A lot of info there. I'm becomming interested in this company as well.
  7. Thanks! That's really helpful, hadn't seen that. i'm really impressed with the Magnuson now since it's a whole different design. I just wish it was a little bigger than a 1.8L, but it makes sense since they want to offer a kit that wont blow your internals. But when (if) i do a FI build it will be with new 600 and 800hp rated internals so i'm not sure what'd be best. They say with ported heads (which i have) with supporting mods its good for 500hp, which sounds about right. But just this set-up (not sure if intercooled) on their youtube vids they said 365rwhp/367rwtq, then later they post a vid of that car making 385/387: YouTube - Tork Tech Intercooled Kit on a '03 Mustang GT

    So yeah - i'm just thinking what would be worth forged internals.
  8. I'm definately gonna start keeping my eye on those kits. I was really wanting to stay NA with a little squeeze, but those kits are really enticing.
  9. I was all set on a KB when I get the money, but I was shown the Tork Tech kit a little while ago and thats the route im going. Mainly because they sell adapters to use the kit with a 5.4 2v.

    So heres my plans..Get the kit and run it with my stock engine, then build up a 5.4 and drop it in there with the supercharger. :nice:
  10. I wish I would have gotten one of those over my Vortech! I think those kits are awesome...
  11. I agree. I see the only down side as needing a different hood arrangement but hey, who isn't looking for an excuse to get a new badass hood. I may have to shoot them an email, or maybe I'm just blind, what fuel pump are they offering with their kits?
  12. Hmmm, very interesting. This may be the kit I will look into buying. I like it a lot from what I have seen and read.

    Prices don't seem to bad either. Only negative thing I can see is having to purchase a new hood or modify your stock hood.
  13. They don't say - and they dont offer it separately. Most likely a generic 255lph.
  14. There is a pic of the new fuel pump on page 27 of the install guide, looks just like the stalker so I would have to agree, generic high volume pump.
  15. i got a question about the Tork Tech Kit though....

    What if you buy the Adapter Kit for a Stock 03/04 Cobra Eaton and run that, then why couldnt you upgrade to a Whipple or Kenne Bell for a 03/04 Cobra later on for Higher HP?
  16. You mean use the $2k lower intake intercooled kit and then buy a KB or Whipple? Wouldn't make much financial sence, but if you're set on using a Whipple which us 2V guys can't use, then i suppose it's an option.
    It's be like $2k + $4k for whipple, then + all the ignition and fuel + Maf upgrades.
    I'd just go for the TVS $999 upgrade, it's twin screw anyways. I wonder what the displacement is.
  17. i am just saying it can be done
  18. May help some of you guys (i said the set-up i'd be using has built internals using stock crank):
    I'm sure those comp cams are blower cams - so I wouldn't be able to make 500rwhp. But it's possible otherwise.
  19. I got in contact with the makers of the MP112 and the TVS 1900 out of Australia. And I emailed Bill of Torktech. Trying to see if you can buy their intercooled kit w/out the Magnuson blower, and then by the blower right from the supplier to save you guys some dough.
  20. Update: Good news for people looking to do a budget build:

    So by dealing directly with Magnusun you may get a better deal. We'll see when Magnusun shoots me an email back.