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  1. Awesome! thanks for checking on that for us.
  2. very nice!

    Since you are emailing with him, you should ask him to join our site(takes 30 seconds) and talk directly with us.

    I see that as one of the main problems with mod motors. If you go on Honda, Fbody, Corvette, or other car sites, the sponsors, producers, shops, and other people are actively involved in all the threads about new products and existing products, on all the forums. Mustangs get very, very little of this. Link him to this, Chris.
  3. Link him to the thread where I advise people to undercut their package deal by buying from the supplier? Lol
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  5. Yep I have been looking into torktech for awhile and planning on getting the intercooled kit. I will slap it on my stock stang and run it like that for awhile till I build me another motor. I plan on going to a 3v set-up and they have the adaptors for me to buy and I will already have the charger. If I'm pleased with the set up I may upgrade to the twinscrew charger later for my built motor.
  6. Just was doing some calculations in my head if I really wanted this kit or not.

    Intercooled Supercharger Kit for the '99-04 Mustang GT - $4499.99
    Shipping kit to my house - $150
    New Hood - Roughly $400
    Painting new hood - Roughly $200
    Some misc stuff that I know I will probably need, we will say $500, just to be safe.

    So, total right now would be $5749.99 :( , give or take a little.
    That sucks
  7. see thats exactly why i didnt go tork tech. it looks cheaper than the kenne bell but you need a new hood and i said heck no. I like the stock hood and i also didnt wanna go through the pain of getting it painted too.

    but i would like to see a video of a tork tech and a kenne bell GT racing with the same mods.

    I am curious which is really the better setup. cant really compare dyno numbers. and the tork tech isnt any cheaper than a kb once its all said and done. unless you just modify the stock hood
  8. I believe the differences between the two blowers are inlet design and fact that the 5th Gen comes with a low friction coating on rotors to improve tolerances. The 5th Gen might be "S" ported as well, but I'm not 100%.

    The most major difference between the 5th Gen used with the Tork Teck kit and the 4th Gen used on the '03-'04 Cobra/Lightning is the inlet design. The Tork Tech inlet (as well as the intake tube) is much larger and less restrictive two piece unit and as such vastly improved over the Ford, or even the Kenne Bell/Whipple/Saleen/Roush inlets by comparison. you can see by these pictures (below) posted by another SN member who upgraded his Saleen kit with the Tork Tech inlet. The Tork Tech intake is pretty mammoth by comarison.






    One of the members of this site you might really want to hear from is rfedd. He's also one of the persons responsible for bringing the Tork Tech kit to light. I've been in regular contact with him about the kit and he Emails me everytime they've got new results.

    Most recently it was a bolt on '99-'04 Saleen putting out 520 rwhp and 549.50 rwt @ 14psi through just the blower and upper inlet of the Tork Tech kit. The owner believes at this point its the heads and Saleen lower intake that are holding him back. I guess we'll see where it goes from there. Oh....and as far as I know, this was all done on pump gas as well?

    I thought I covered the cost comparison a while back? :scratch:

    The Tork Tech still seems like the better deal to me? :shrug:

    Addressing the hood issue.....You don't "need" a new hood, since a hood extension can be purchased for $199 + paint. But since so many Mustang owners have opted to ditch the gaudy looking stock hood, they don't offer the extension as a standard part of the kit because of the possibility it would just end up as a useless, throw away part for most.

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  9. Thanks for clarifying Brian :nice:

    I was thinking that you still had to buy all the other stuff with the KB, wasn't sure though. So yeah, the TorkTech will still be cheaper even if you bought a new hood. I also like the way it looks better than the KB. I think I find my blower, time to start saving :D
  10. I wonder how much cheaper the kit would be if you got the supercharger separate??
  11. Who knows, the difference between the superchargerless kit and the Magnusun kit is about $2k, and for the TVS $3k. Those are cheap prices for those blowers - so maybe nothing, maybe a lot.
    Thanks Gearbanger for posting those differences, the FAQ page is really helpful too.
    Bottom line here people is the TorTech kit will be cheaper - you'd be buying a KB for the name/recognizability and for the shotty customer service. Even if you are set on a twin screw the TT kit is cheaper.
    So far I'm pricing out based on the tuner kit since a lot of people have a X-cal and you can find the injecctors/MAF/pump for a good price online and on ebay. This I figure if you have an xcal will save you only $200-215 if you shop around which means the full kit a quite a good price.

    Plus i know a guy selling a 95Cobra R hood in my local car club for $180 - too bad it's for 99-04. But that's the norm if you find used deals since it needs to be painted anyways.

    + the intercooling system they make looks awesome - one factor i never much liked about posi-dis superchargers is how they are undercooled due to design limitations.
  12. Glad to see this thread is finally getting some life. Gearbanger is balls on, the Tork Tech kit is not nearly as expensive as the KB once you consider all the "optional" equipment KB soaks you for. I would love to see a head to head comparison with the KB and Tork Tech but when you consider the price of the KB and factor in the poor customer service it's hard to look away from the Tork Tech kit. Did I mention the Tork Tech kit appears to be putting down better numbers with a safer tune:nice:
  13. Yeah I would like to see some videos of stangs with TT chargers up vs other chargers. I have done alot of reserch with TT kit and others and Tork tech comes out on top and you can look around for another hood if you have a 99-01 stang or just the raised part from the 02-04 hoods. I know someone here in san antonio has this kit and hope to see him around.
  14. Some damn good news if we can figure out what version is needed for the kit. If somone else can ask him (since i asked is he'd sell just the kit and he'd know why i was asking) what model they use that'd be bomb-diggidy:

    This is the correct supercharger though, i got the contact and info from this thread: Forums - Magnuson MP 122HH supercharger - Page 5

    $1570 even with our crappy exchange rate? That's awesome considering with the TT kit you'd be paying about $3k for it on top of the intercooled kit bare. I have no idea how cheap the MP112 would be.

    This is what he attached:

    Keep in mind you would still need to buy the TT intake parts - so who knows what they would charge for that - but this is certainly a price savings. It'd be $3570 for the tuner kit + intake parts instead of $4800 with intake parts when using the TVS 1900 bought from Australia vs from TT.

    I say the Blower from Australia + TorkTech kit should be called the CobraRed mod:p

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  15. Sweet That Is Just Sweet CobraRed!!!!
  16. Cool....I especially like how half way through the page they turned it into a political/bashing/Global warming thread and totally spun it out. It seems Stangnet doesn't hold the patent on BS derailments like I thought we did. :D
  17. Haha, i know - it's hilarious that they tie it to wether a blower is carb approved or not. The contact info is a page or two after that.
  18. You do realize that once you bring the KB over 9-10 pounds, you will need to upgrade to the KB 8 rib belt system. And guess what? You need a new hood to clear it. The 6 rib system start to slip. The TTI comes standard with an 8 rib system, so rather than "hide it" in the options page, they spell it out up front.
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    I will find the right ones guys!