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  1. ****Update****

    Via Magnuson Product's site under "where to buy" i contacted my local distributor (quite close actually). And after 3 e-mails back and forth I worked the prices out of him:

    MP 112-$1400 plus shipping
    MP 1900 TVS $1900 plus shipping

    So let's break it down.

    Price of TorkTech supercharger less kit: $1850
    + 1400 for MP112 5th Gen
    + $359 for injectors and MAF: Buy Ford Racing Parts!
    + $25 for 90mm MAF adaptor off ebay, or $50 off TorkTech.
    + $99 for 255lph Walbro fuel pump for my car.

    = $3733 (If you have an X-CalII) + intake needed for blower which will depend. Let's call it $4000-4050.

    - This is a $500-450 savings using the MP112 full kit which is $4500. Simple math is used for the tuner kit. $1850+1400 = $3250 (+intake) over the $3800 kit.

    The real savings start racking up when you consider using the MP1900 TVS.

    Price of TorkTech supercharger less kit: $1850
    + +1900 for MP1900 TVS 4 lobe
    + $359 for injectors and MAF: Buy Ford Racing Parts!
    + $25 for 90mm MAF adaptor off ebay, or $50 off TorkTech.
    + $99 for 255lph BBK fuel pump for my car.

    = $4233 (if you have a x-cal II). + intake needed for blower. Let's call it $4500-$4550.

    - This is a $999-1049 savings using the MP1900 full kit which is $5499. Simple math is used for the tuner kit. $1850+1900 = $3750 (+intake) over the $4800 kit.

    Fine print: None of these prices are including shipping. Pricing should include $200 for hood scoop or for a new/used cowl/2k cobra/cobra R hood. Also I'm not sure where the heat exhanger would be covered in, if they would include it in a kit w/out out supercharger or even what they would charge for their superchargerless kit since the once priced is made for 03/04 cobra eaton.

    Summary: TT's pricing on the MP112 is quite fair. Based on me not having an idea one what they would charge for their intake or whether the kit we'd buy for this process would come with their heat exhanger it may be close or we may save from $0-500.
    - Real savings come in to play when to factor someone wanting the MP1900. If my assumptions are right with this list you'd be paying the MP112 kit price for a MP1900 kit.

    Happy Budget Boosting!
  2. I will update previous post with more info from Magnuson upon arrival. It maybe still be a tad bit cheaper if you can buy directly from Magnuson which I have asked if you can do but they hadn't responded.

    I would appreciate someone asking them to price their tuner kit minus the super charger so we can be certain of the price for the MP112/MP1900 set-up with intake and heat exchanger.

    - For us 96-98 guys. Not sure if their braket drive system would work with out timing cover. I've asked them. May need to switch it out to 99+.
  3. awesome
  4. Just now realized the MP1900 TVS was still a roots, lol. Assumed based on its efficiency/design/and power levels that it was was a twin screw. Putting out same power as the Kenne Bell 2.4's with around the same efficiency.
  5. Twin Screws compress the incoming air between the screws, inside the blower itself.

    The TVS has no internal compression (which still allows it to be classified under the roots moniker) and thus is able to keep discharge temps cooler. Compression takes place within the manifold similar to a traditional Roots or a Centrifugal supercharger.

    The fact that the smaller 1900 is able to run head to head with a 2.4L TS now proves that internal screw compression is no longer the superior form of positive displacement like it has seemed to be for the last several years.

    Heck, even the 5th Generation Magnacharger MP112 is able to run with and even away from the larger 2.1L Twin Screw in most cases. Kenne Bell would have you believe otherwise, but I guess that just goes to show you what great advertising and internet hype can do for a company, even when they don't build the best system on the block anymore.
  6. ^Yes, TVS technology is a superior design. It actually has a higher efficiency than Twin screws of the same size. Why do you think the new ZR1 Corvette uses a TVS supercharger from Eaton?

    I wish they offered an upgraded rotor pack for my 03 cobra....hello 600RWHP. Sad part is the COULD...but they just dont want to.
  7. Yeah, i knew how twin screws worked but had assumed the TVS was one even though I saw the roots internals just based on its performance. Plus it's smaller (in size) than most twin screws due to not compressing internally. I find it funny that the MP1900 is only a 116 cubic inch (or 1.9L obviously) yet it packs such a punch. I'm really curious as to how it sounds - but the only vids i see are of it on G8's running low boost just doing burn outs.
    Also if you're aim it taking down the 2.6H, they make a MP2300 which is rated at about 1000 horses.
  8. Yeah...but its not only the rotor pack that's different. The case design as well as the inlet timing and discharge port is of a completely different as well. Essentially....the only thing they share with the Gen 4/5 blower is the name and the fact that's its a Roots base, positive displacement design.

    What one could do though, would be to order the TVS2300 (hello 700-800hp+) unit alone, with the correct length drive snout and couple it with the Tork Tech inlet along with a custom adapter plate. Then with what I’m sure would be little fuss, bolt it to their '03/'04 Cobra lower intake. And'd be the first kid on the block with one. :D
  9. I think someone was asking in here what fuel pump Tork Tech sends with there kits. I got the new 5.0 magazine and there is an article in there about this company and they did an install on a GT. According to this article, they started off using Ford GT fuel pumps but switched and are now using the SVT Focus fuel pumps because they are easier to install :shrug:
  10. Wont work :( The blower is just too long....there would be no room for the inlet. I just went out and made some measurements.... Only way to do it would be to move the engine forward a few inches or make a crazy puny inlet....even the 1900 would be too long. And you really cant move it forward on the 4V due to the hard coolant line....or you would have to make it tall to clear that, then we run into hood clearance issues.

    Sucks :(
  11. Oh I don't looks here like it can be ordered in a variety of dimensions, with different nose drive lengths?

    Take a look here....The over all length of the TVS 2300 minus the nose drive is 339mm



    A Lyshlom 2300AX (which we know as the standard unit offered by Whipple for their '03-'04 Cobra kit) has an overall length, minus the nose drive of 345mm drawings/2300AX.pdf

    A Lyshlom 3300AX (which we know as the heavy hitter kit offered by Whipple for the '03-'04 Cobra kit) has an overall length, minus the nose drive of 360mm drawings/3300AX.pdf

    Also keep in mind....according to these Engineering Diagrams, Lyshlom measures from centre bolt hole, to centre bolt hole, where The TVS is measured from end to end. Which tells me that the Lyshloms are actually longer in over all length than even these diagrams would lead us to believe. :shrug:

    If that doesn't make you feel any better, how about pictures of an actual 2300TVS kit install on the Australain Ford Falcon XR8 with the 5.4L DOHC? :D



    We know the 5.4L block is wider than the 4.6L, but its not a whole lot longer.

    ....and we also already know that a 5.4L DOHC isn't too long for the SN95 engine bay, based on what was the 2000 Cobra R. As far as I'm concerned, the intake manifold on the '00 Cobra R actually looks like it takes up more space than the blown 5.4L I posted above? :shrug:


    .....I think you’d be good to go with very little custom work....and we all know how you like custom stuff. :D
  12. Supposedly it is a SVT Focus pump that is coming with there kits.

    I knew someone was asking :D
  13. I can now get the 1900TVS direct from Magunson Products for $1650 RAW un-coated with pulley. Still talking with torktech about their kit minus the MP112. So far they've said it's the bare bones kits minus $1k - but that seems low. And actually a better deal now just buying the kit if you want to use the MP112.
  14. I can confirm that Tork Tech ships the SVT Focus pump with their kits now. I called them yesterday. The other great thing about them is that they will completely customize the kit to whatever the customer wants. I'm probably going to get the "Complete" kit minus the chip and injectors. Should be right around $4000 + cost of a new hood (which I need anyway). I can't wait!
  15. Get a copy of the new 5.0 and Superfords Magazine now on the news stands. Great article on the Tork Tech product. Lots of pics, and before and after dyno sheets.
  16. Tork Tech Kit

    Hello everyone.

    I am the Tork Tech supercharger sales person. If anyone has detailed ?s about our kit I look forward to hearing from you.

    I realize that some forums do not like their site to be used as a sales tool for companies so if I am out of bounds here I welcome you to contact me privately at [email protected] or call me at 513-697-0060.

    There is an article about our kit in the current issue of 5.0L Mustangs that I welcome everyone to check out. It is on the news stands currently. You can also view this article on the 5.0L Mustangs website at this link: New Edge Mustang Supercharger - '99-'04 Two-Valve Roots Blower Kit - 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine

    Tork Tech has made some recent improvements to the efficiency of their intercoolers and virtually all kits are now making 400 RWHP +/- 10. I put one on with JDM Engineering a few weeks ago on a bone stock 2002 automatic and it went from 217 to 402 RWHP! THis car will be covered in a upcoming issue of MM&FF!

    If I can be of assistance to anyone here please ask away.

    Bill @ Tork Tech
  17. Thanks Bill - good to know you'll be frequenting the mustang community via the forums.
  18. anyone got an update on this pricing info?
  19. Which pricing info you talking about?

    I'm still waiting on a snout measurement from them.